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WUSV/GSDL/BRG Regional Shows


by David Payne (updated) 20/04/2011


There is obviously a need to ensure that the WUSV/GSDL/BRG System is more clearly understood. Over the last year or so some people in our breed have made some astonishing assertions, astonishing because they have absolutely no basis in truth. I have heard it said that the WUSV constitution does not allow GSD shows/events to be held by any WUSV member club without the express agreement of their relevant Kennel Club, this statement is absolutely WRONG. I have heard is said that legal advice had been obtained which indicated that no Kennel Club licensed GSD Breed Club would be able to hold any GSD Event organised under any rules & regulations other than the Kennel Clubs rules & regulations, and if this occurred the GSD Club involved would lose its Kennel Club license, this statement is also WRONG.

Several people in our breed who hold responsible positions have made these statements and also made many other false allegations directed at myself. The clear objective of these numerous allegations is to undermine my apparent influence on the establishment and development of the GSDL/WUSV System here within Great Britain and to undermine the system itself.

Some of you may be aware that I have made some contributions to the introduction and progress of our new and exciting GSDL/WUSV System. This became apparent when I received three (yes THREE) presentations at the GSD League’s (GSDL) Annual General meeting of 2010. Just to give you a few examples of my contributions, I wrote the rules for the GSDL/WUSV Events and I wrote “Our Future Plans” for the GSD League which can be read under the “GSD IN GREAT BRITAIN” on my website. I also wrote and distributed many documents to the WUSV member Clubs throughout the World, and through emails, as well as articles in the “Das Schaferhunde” Magazine in Germany which has a huge world-wide subscriptions and distribution.

Because of these efforts I have become a target for the “British GSD traditionalists” who either mainly or solely support Kennel Club Shows. It is their ignorance, lies and deceit which I will never tolerate and which I have every intention to tackle head on with absolute determination and with all the resources at my disposal, which are quite considerable; this article is just a small part of this process. I hope this article helps many readers to understand more about our GSDL/WUSV System, which is now established and growing here in Great Britain, contrary to the false statements I refer to in the first paragraph of this article.

There are three major GSD organisations covering the whole of Great Britain - I don't count the "UK Alsatian Club” as relevant to this comment. 

The GSD Breed Council (BC) and The GSD League (GSDL) are the two major National GSD Organisations. The other major GSD organisation BAGSD are mainly engaged in their branch network which covers socialising and basic training for the numerous pet GSD, a valuable role indeed for our breed.

The GSD Breed Council is NOT a Kennel Club “licensed breed club”; it is a forum for discussion for the GSD, with representation channels to the Kennel Club, although this has never been as effective as many would wish. The BC may also co-ordinate various GSD shows and GSD seminars and also the Breed Council publishes a monthly magazine.

The GSD League introduced and is steadily developing the GSDL/WUSV System into Great Britain. The GSD League is constantly assessing future progressive developments for our GSD breed within the UK, and has many supporters throughout Great Britain and around the World, including the WUSV, and its numerous National GSD Breed Club members from other nations. This is indeed very influential, meaningful and strong support.

The GSDL/WUSV System has now embraced a GSDL/WUSV British Regional Group of affiliated GSD Clubs and they are examining many options regarding "the way forward". There are many matters which the “Regional Group” will be aware of which are at various stages of discussion within the group. These matters will tend to be confidential until agreements are reached; however there have been some headline communications from the Regional Group as to some of the key issues under discussion, which includes the possible inclusion of the opportunity to gain a “British Champion” title. There are several very exciting ideas under discussion within the GSD League and the “Regional Group”.

I hope readers readily understand the need for some restraint from GSDL/WUSV Regional Group members on making any public comments. Progress must be measured and very carefully considered. Negatives must be minimised and positives maximised for there to be successful development of this exciting system.

The issue of the GSD Breed Survey is a case in point. I am very firmly of the opinion that in Great Britain we need to ensure that we include within the Breed Survey those very important aspects which are centred on IDENTIFICATION, e.g. Microchip/Tattoo and DNA parentage Tests (crucial), and also Health Screening Tests, e.g. Hips, Elbows etc. I also very firmly believe that we should NOT include any working or Training tests in the GSD Breed Survey until such time that it has achieved well in excess of 2000 - yes two thousand GSD - going through our GSD breed Survey each year. I will make further comments on this point later.

The most crucial aspect of our GSD Breed Survey is for it to gain universal and widespread use by British GSD Breeders. This will then ensure that it becomes the norm for GSD breeders throughout Great Britain to have their prospective breeding GSD “Breed Surveyed” and it will become normal for the British GSD Puppy buying public to insist on a GSD puppy from GSD Breed Surveyed parents, just as they do now with hip scoring.

For the Breed Council to have introduced the Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze Award as a requirement in our GSD Breed Survey is what I firmly considered a very serious risk to the “Breed Survey becoming widely used by GSD breeders” and a serious retrograde step to the future development of the Breed Survey and the much desired potential growth in the GSD numbers that could be put through the GSD Breed Survey. The KC Good Citizens Bronze Award proves nothing of any additional importance, and it has introduced a Kennel Club qualification into our GSD Breed Survey which is not recognised in any way for ANY Kennel Club licensed show ENTRY CRITERIA.

On the other hand for the GSDL/WUSV Regional Events and also for our annual GSD British Sieger, the GSD Breed Survey is FUNDAMENTAL to their ENTRY CRITERIA.

REMEMBER: Kennel Club Shows do not have any entry requirement for tattoo/microchip or for hips & elbow scores. Entries simply have to be Kennel Club registered.

I am definitely not trying to demean the KC Good Citizens Scheme. It is fine for those that wish to participate in it for their pleasure and want to achieve this Kennel Club qualification. I am of the very firm opinion that it has absolutely NO place forming any part of the requirements for our GSD Breed Survey Scheme.

When our GSD Clubs/Organisations consider it is time to introduce some initial working Tests/Qualifications into our GSD Breed Survey, I sincerely believe they must base their considerations on elements of the SV BH (traffic of life) test and maybe some elements of the SV Körung and maybe the SV AD (endurance) test. However I must stress my very firm opinion of waiting until our breed has over 2000 GSD per year going through our GSD Breed Survey, although once it reaches over 1000 per year preliminary consideration to introducing some initial working test at some future date could commence.

We should all be aware that our GSDL/WUSV Events are very clearly TWO systems running together and this must be maintained to retain CHOICE and INCLUSIVITY for all participating GSD owners, it must never become an elitist system.

ONE is the full SV/WUSV System which culminates with the Working Classes, which require the FULL SV/WUSV qualifications, e.g. AD, BH, SchH1, 2, 3. and/or IPO1, 2, 3. A Show grade and the SV/WUSV Körung (SV/WUSV breed survey = allowed to breed). 

TWO is the WUSV/GSDL/BRG British System which culminates in the Adult Classes which requires the “GSD Breed Survey”. 

It is very important to remember that GSD following either system will compete together in ALL OTHER CLASSES. And always remembering that Long Coats classes are scheduled separately.

Importantly, the future development of our GSD Breed Survey should only consider elements within the SV/WUSV System, for I strongly advocate the absolute RETENTION of the ADULT Classes and therefore the WUSV/GSDL/BRG British System, (because not everyone wants to train their dogs and qualify under the SV system, most particularly the protection phase), we must therefore ensure that the differences are only by comparison with the FULL SV/WUSV System. This clearly facilitates any owner who may wish to progress from the GSDL/WUSV British System to the SV/WUSV System with any of their dogs.

To introduce the KC Good Citizens test into our GSD Breed Survey is totally unnecessary and this is something that should be strenuously avoided. I was delighted when I was informed that a meeting of our GSD Breed Surveyors voted in favour of making the KC Good Citizens Test “OPTIONAL” rather than a “requirement”. It appears good sense has prevailed.

If any further changes are made to the GSD Breed Survey, through the GSD Breed Council, which cause some difficulties for the WUSV/GSDL/BRG System, then clearly the GSD League would have to very seriously consider introducing its very own GSD Breed Survey along with its own GSD Breed Surveyors (known in Germany as “Körmeisters”)

The Kennel Club have their system - The GSDL/WUSV System has “TWO” 

Any GSD can participate in ALL THREE Systems as long as their GSD meet the ENTRY CRITERIA

David Payne


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