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Sieger 2007 Impressions

2007 Sieger Show – Braunschweig, Germany

David Payne – Videx GSD

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Sieger 2007 - Pakros d' Ulmental - "gaiting"

Held in Braunschweig, situated in Northern Germany, some 40 miles (60 km east of Hannover, this is the first time the Sieger Show has been held here. Braunschweig is a recently modernized city with a very attractive layout and old town.

Braunschweig, the city of Henry the Lion, is the biggest city in the south-eastern part of Lower Saxony. It is characterised by an appealing and exciting blend of the past and the present, tradition and the future.

There was some difficulty with available hotel accommodation, with many visitors staying in hotels some distance from the venue. Some out of choice, to exercise and accommodate their dogs in a rural surrounding, others because most 3 and 4 star hotels within Braunschweig were fully booked early in the year.

Let this serve as a strong recommendation for the many thousands planning to attend next year’s Sieger Show at Aachen, to reserve their Hotel accommodation as early as possible. The hotels in Aachen are also very likely to be more expensive than the usual venues for the Sieger Show, so make sure you budget accordingly. It appears their prices rise steeply when a major event is held at the Equestrian Centre.

The Braunschweig Sieger Show 2007 was held in the Eintracht-Stadion, a superb venue for this hugely popular World Sieger Event, far more suitable than the venue for 2006, Niederrheinstadion Oberhausen, and very close to the excellent venue at Ulm, near Stuttgart. I fully appreciate the difficulties the SV have in finding suitable venues each year, and the tremendous organisation that goes into the planning and staging of this enormous event. We should all appreciate and thank everybody involved who work so hard to put this fabulous event on for us, year on year. Long may it continue, and long may we enjoy continuous improvements in all aspects of this vitally important event for the GSD.

The rings for the two Junior (12 to 18 months) classes (male & female) and the two Yearling classes (18 to 24 months) classes (male & female) were a short and pleasant walk from the main stadium, spacious well sized rings, with valuable access around all sides, which is of huge benefit to spectators and the numerous double handlers. It was notable how improved the facilities were for double handling, a very important part of exhibiting and presenting the German Shepherd Dog to its best advantage.

Inside the main stadium the seating was closer to the dogs than the usual stadiums at other Sieger Show venues. This considerably improved the experience for the spectators, and reduced the need for binoculars. It also offered some wonderful vantage points around the stadium to see all the famous dogs and their progeny, and the first 20 of the younger classes when they were paraded in the main stadium around noon on the Sunday. This was hugely appreciated by the spectators and exhibitors, many leaving the show feeling they had gained more from this show, than many previous Sieger Shows.

I sincerely hope the SV make plans to hold this event again in Braunschweig in the near future, as well as Ulm, another of my favourite venues.

There was a variety of facilities for various foods and drinks, Bratwurst, western steaks (marinated pork steaks) especially, and copious supplies of fabulous German beer, all of which was certainly enjoyed by many Brits. Many stalls selling a variety of dog-related products were located around the stadium.

The usual social gatherings took place, especially amongst friends and acquaintances from different countries. It is a valuable aspect of the Sieger Show to meet up with people and discuss the GSD world, its ups and downs, the speculation and the rumours, the tips for success, the disappointments, and the likely winners and placings for each class, etc. etc. This is a most enjoyable part of this great show and it provides many an insight into a person’s knowledge and perception of the German show scene. It always surprises me how many people fail to grasp the German Show System, and that the judging for this spectacular event starts back in April each year. It would be useful for the GSD League, the progressive WUSV Breed Club here in the UK, to hold seminars on the German breed & show system. Other WUSV clubs in various countries could do the same, I am sure they would be well attended and appreciated by all.

The final groups of the Working Classes (over 2 years) are judged in the main stadium on the Sunday afternoon. Of necessity, because of the very large entry, all the classes are placed in groups of approximately 50 to 60, and to cater for the larger younger classes, there can be as many as four groups, as for example in the young female class. It is quite normal when a group has been judged, for several from the front of a lower group to be moved up to compete in the next highest group.

The weather forecast suggested the show would have some sunshine, cloud, some showers and rain, over the 3 days. Whereas the weather for most of the show was very good; with some cloud and heavy rain on Friday, on the Sunday the weather was almost perfect for the dogs and spectators alike. The temperatures were quite pleasant during the three days. Considering this show was being held in Northern Germany, which has weather similar to the UK, many feared it could rain, and dampen their pleasure. I am sure most people had packed clothes suitable for their best and the worst expectations.


Once again I have compiled the ‘MAIN RESULTS’, and I hope you find these useful. It also means that you can easily see the major winners, and the sire and dam of each one, at a glance, which also highlights those males producing the best youngsters at the show. I will draw your attention to these results later.

Top 8 VA Dogs

The 2007 Sieger Show brought a change in the Judges for the adult working class females, Bernhard Norda of the Klostermoor kennel, and the judge for adult working class males being Reinhardt Meyer of the vom Bergmannshof kennel, Reinhardt is the newly elected National Breed Warden of the SV.

Bernhard Norda is a well known SV judge. Bernhard has a quiet and pleasant manner, and his ability and experience while judging the Working Class females was a pleasure to watch.

Reinhardt Meyer, with his election to National Breed Warden of the SV, in December 2006, brought many questions and expectations as to how he would judge the Working dog males, and how he would implement some of his declared plans and views on our breed. Reinhardt is well known for his strongly held views regarding our breed’s future direction; he has a steely determination which will ruffle many feathers in the SV hierarchy, and amongst his fellow Judges, and Körmeisters. I will refer to this later.

The Ursus bloodlines figured prominently throughout the classes; however it is clear that other bloodlines are now emerging, and combining very well with the many qualities Ursus gave our breed. It should always be remembered that the strength and substance that Ursus gave, and which continues through many of his sons and daughters, can combine very well to the benefit of the current medium sized males with medium strength and substance. The successful kennels in our breed know the value of a producing female line, and the careful consideration that must be given when looking for suitable dogs to complement their female.

Zamp vom Thermodos

One of the prominent bloodlines in 2006 was that of Dux della Valcuvia. His son Quantum von Arminius VA2 and the Quantum son, Zamp vom Thermodos making VA1 & Sieger, continues to produce very well. Zamp had an outstanding progeny group. The very best group I have seen in all my visits to the Sieger Show. For me it topped his group of 2006. This bloodline is without doubt going to play a major role in the future development of our breed. 

In my previous “Impressions” I stated the value of top producing females in a Stud dogs pedigree, and the Dux, Quantum, Zamp bloodline emphatically proves this point. Couple these top producing females with outstanding producing Sires and you can see the important sire line that has emerged. This is exactly what makes these bloodlines so valuable to our breed. Of course they will be combined with other lines, and continue to make a positive contribution to our breed.

Pakros D'Ulmental

Adult Male Class – Working Male Class, there were eight VA Males this year 

VA1 Pakros d’ Ulmental, was crowned Sieger, up from VA4 last year. He is absolutely correct size, a medium strong male of outstanding conformation; he is sired by Sieger Bax and out of Siegerin Karma. He is proving to be an excellent producer, siring the VA4 Vegas du Haut Mansard, and several beautiful females, notably the female V3 Lyra vom Radhaus, the V16 Nannila vd Freiheit Westerholt, the jugend female SG7 Dara vom Murrtal. His young son Vegas is already proving his value as a sire, producing many outstanding females, and some excellent males, in the Jugend (Junior) classes. (See MAIN RESULTS)

Quenn com Loherweg

VA2 Quenn vom Loher Weg, up from VA6 last year, and wholly justified with a substantial improvement in his progeny group, compared with last year. Many thought that his progeny were of such merit that he deserved the Sieger title; the results of the progeny of both Pakros and Quenn offer the clearest reason for such thoughts. Quenn sired many highly placed males and females, of particular note were SG1 & Youth Sieger Godalis Tino, and his sister SG11 Godalis Tiara, the Jugend class male, SG2 Furbo degli Achei. I consider Furbo one of the STARS of this year’s Show. I urge you all to closely examine my MAIN RESULTS

Dux de Cuatro Flores

VA3 Dux de Cuatro Flores, up from VA5 last year, and fully deserving his place, he offers an alternative bloodline. I consider him a better producer of females than males, and his offspring appear to confirm this. One notable exception being the Junghund male SG2 Sony vom Heinrichplatz, an excellent young male. Sony will surely take this excellent sire line forward, and I look forward to seeing him next year.


VA4 Vegas du Haut Mansard, up from VA8 last year, and the Young Sieger of 2005, a STAR without a doubt. He had his first progeny group; all were entered in the Jugend classes. It is very important for you to realize that Vegas was at Stud on the 16th March 2006, when he was 2 years old. Allowing for the 2 months gestation time, his very first litters would be born on or after the 16th May 2006, maybe a few days earlier, allowing for some being born early. This means that only the litters born from the middle of May to the beginning of September 2006 would reach 12+ months of age by this year’s Sieger Show in order to be eligible for entry- only three and a half months worth of progeny. 


When you consider these very important facts, you will appreciate the tremendous producing ability that Vegas has signalled with this his first, progeny group. Jugend males, SG5 Belisar vom Aurelius a top class male, owned and bred by the owner of Vegas, Winfried Benitz, SG18 Dean vom Karlsfelder Hof, SG22 Orus d’ Ulmental and SG23 Peppermint’s Charlie Brown. 

In the Jugend female class we had the FABULOUS FOUR, SG2 Birdy du Domaine du Parc, again owned by Winfried Benitz, SG3 Ussi vom Pallas Athene, SG4 Jana von der Plassenburg, and SG6 Rimini von der Zenteiche. I watched these females when they walked and gaited around the ring, in the first group of 6, ordered by the Judge. They were magnificent- absolutely correct size and superb movement. This group of six was headed by what I consider the most superb female I have ever seen. More about this female later. Vegas also sired in this class, the SG13, SG14, SG26, SG38, and SG39. I look forward to seeing him and his progeny next year–a Sieger in waiting, surely. 


VA5 Orbit vom Huhnegrab, a VERY BIG male, he was VA3 last year. He had an improved progeny group this year, not a difficult task as last year’s was poor. I just do not see this male as a worthy VA, and I certainly do not see him playing any significant role in continuing the Ursus, Yasko Farbenspiel line. If the SV measurement rules were applied to this male, would he have a Körung?

Nando vom Gollerweiher

VA6 Nando vom Gollerweiher, a VERY BIG male, he was VA3 last year. He had an improved progeny group this year, not a difficult task as last year’s was poor. I just do not see this male as a worthy VA, and I certainly do not see him playing any significant role in continuing the Ursus, Yasko Farbenspiel line. If the SV measurement rules were applied to this male, would he have a Körung? I hear he made Italian Sieger some weeks later – (RIP SV Breed Standard & Rules on size


VA7 Ingodd’s Agassi, a large male of excellent strength and substance, His movement, particularly his pick up and forward reach, takes full advantage of his powerful hind thrust, resulting in impressive far reaching, ground covering and harmonious movement, which he clearly imparts to his progeny.  He was V14 last year, and he gained his VA title this year. I have noted him in my previous IMPRESSIONS; indeed I wrote the following in 2005, when he was SG25 in the Junghund Male Class.

The SG25 Ingodd's Agassi, a Ghandi son who is a powerful male with a strong head and excellent colour, which enhances his excellent conformation. For me Agassi is the best Ghandi son I have seen, and he could have been placed much higher. Agassi also has the benefit of a motherline of Norwegian Champions which, I am informed, contains many superb females and several top producers. Ingodd’s Agassi is a Norwegian bred and owned male, based in Germany, and I feel sure he will be a top producer continuing the VA Ghandi von Arlett line. 

I am delighted with his progress, and I was very impressed with his first progeny group. VA Agassi was born on the 7th October 2003, so was at stud on the 7th October 2005, you can calculate that he had less than 7 months of studs, not getting the best of the females, unlike many German top young males, and just look at what he has produced. Of particular note the Jugend male SG3 Gio vom Frankengold, and the Jugend female SG15 Vienna vom Heinrichplatz. His young progeny group had many valuable qualities, clearly inherited from their father. I am certain that given a full stud quota, and some of the top females, this male will make a positive contribution to our breed, and I certainly look forward to seeing him and his progeny next year.


VA8 Odin vom Holtkamper Hof, down from VA7 last year, and in my opinion very lucky to retain his VA title. A VERY BIG male, of excellent conformation, who has impressed greatly in his last two Sieger appearances, however this year he presented his first progeny group. Admittedly it came from only seven months of studs; similar to VA Agassi, but that is where any similarity ends. The progeny of VA Odin was very disappointing, with only one or two exceptions. In stance they gave a good impression, they were certainly not impressive, but as soon as they began to move, especially on a loose lead, problems became obvious. When they started gaiting any pretence in anyone’s mind regarding this group had to be completely removed. The majority held their loins higher than their wither, at the same time they either fell on the forehand, or moved with dipped withers, whichever terminology you prefer or understand regarding such a fault. They lacked hindthrust, and subsequently had little power to transmit into any kind of effective forereach. I was extremely disappointed, particularly as I had strongly admired him during the last two years, and harboured plans to use him later this year. I hold out a forlorn hope that he may be able to present a much improved progeny group next year. 

V1 Yimmy van Contra, up from V5 last year, something I completely fail to understand. His progeny is disappointing, remembering that I had expressed great hopes for this dog in my previous “IMPRESSIONS”. Yimmy has a Breed ZW of 114, which some judges would certainly consider bars him from a VA title, but having gained V1 at this year’s Show would indicate he was producing some excellent and maybe one or two outstanding progeny. If he has, I have not seen them. It would be very cynical of me to suggest that maybe this dog is very well connected, so I will not. I see he made Vice Sieger in Italy some weeks later; some decisions in our breed never cease to amaze me. 

The V2 Aron della Terra dei Forte, has excellent movement, being another male with limited time to have a progeny group, I never saw any offspring from this male. Once again the grading of this male eludes me, more so when I consider the male immediately behind him. 

V3 Negus vom Holtkamper See, a Sieger Zamp vom Thermodos son. A well constructed male, with excellent movement, and what I consider excellent producing bloodlines, including a top producing mother, as well as his fabulous producing father.

Paula vom Gut Lethe

His magnificent daughter SG1 and Young Siegerin Paula vom Gut Lethe, is the very best female I have ever set my eyes on. I could certainly not fault her, and her virtues were outstanding, head and expression, proportions, substance, overline and underline, pigmentation, forehand angulation, and her length of upper arm, and lay of shoulder blade. Her hind angulation, breadth of thigh, short strong hocks, all of this culminating in a majestic walk, balanced and purposeful, which then went smoothly into a fabulous gait, which was spine tingling with its effortless, harmonious and extensive ground covering qualities. I am sure many others will agree a STAR; I will go further and say she is a SUPER STAR. Her mother Ondra vom Gut Lethe, is a daughter of Esto van Noort, a twice Sieger Yasko son, and brother to VA Erasmus van Noort, these being grandsons of the legendary Sieger Ursus von Batu. The female line of Ondra goes back to Quartz dei Templari, an Amigo vom Belgier son. There are also lines to Hoss vom Hasenborn and to Sieger Jeck vom Noricum, the bottom female line goes back to Larry vom Wiesenborn, a VA Fando vom Sudblick son. Whatever clicked on this breeding? 


I feel sure that the combination of Zamp, Wallace, the excellent Holtkamper See female line, and the excellent producing Ursus through Yasko line, played the major part in producing such a fabulous female. I am planning similar combinations, more particularly withZampWallace and Yasko bloodline combinations. I should be so lucky! 

Please also note that V3 Negus was born 11th May 2004, so has very few litters, from which progeny could be entered at this year’s Sieger show. I certainly look forward to seeing his progeny next year, and also the progeny of his brother V29 Naxos, who is also being used extensively.


V4 Quantum vom Fiemereck, born 4th July 2004, so no chance of any progeny here. An excellent male who is being used extensively, being the obvious male to continue the VA Ando line. I thought at one time during this class that he was being considered for a VA title, maybe next year. 

There were several males further down the line that took my eye for various reasons. I will mention a few: 

Bazi v.d. Urbecke

V6 Bazi v.d. Urbecke, an excellent male, being well used, I look forward to seeing his progeny next year. 

V7 Yerom vom Haus Salihin, an excellent male with much to offer. 

V8 Djenges Kahn of Sante’s Home, is a VERY BIG male of otherwise excellent conformation, but he is somewhat lacking in movement.

Andrjuscha van Noort

V13 Andrjuscha van Noort, a VA Hill vom Farbenspiel son, an impressive male, not surprisingly proving to be popular with many breeders. A few very good offspring coming through - I hope more emerge for next year.

V16 Astana Alfons

V16 Astana Alfons, He disappointed me somewhat this year, his courage test was outstanding, but he has not made the progress I expected over the last year, with normal development. I will look out for him next year. 

V17 Irok Karanberg, last year’s Youth Sieger, an excellent male, I thought he looked better this year, could have been a little higher in this class, but lost places during the gaiting phase.

V23 Digger vom Elzmundungsraum, I was impressed with this male. Excellent conformation, with much to offer, and all three in this litter, which include Daphne and Daira, are without a doubt outstanding. I feel confident he will be a top class producer in very high demand by breeders. I also considered him worthy of a much higher place. 

V34 Yukon v.d.Bastillie, a young male, with very useful bloodlines. 

V46 Wallace vom Holtkamper See, I like this excellent male, he has much to offer- another worthy of a much higher place. 

EZ Vidoc des Collines du Boischaut, an excellent young male, who was excused for some reason. I thought this male would have comfortably been in the first 25 V males. 

There was the usual large number of dogs excused at this year’s Sieger Show. I despair at this annual exodus. It is an insult to the Judges, and should be more tightly controlled. I am aware, from emails received, that many exhibitors felt their dog has been insulted by the Judge, with an unworthy call out place given to their dog, and this is why they withdrew their dog. My response is simply this, you have entered your dog for the Judges opinion, when you get it, just accept it. I am always surprised at the apparent acceptance by the Judges of the Sieger Show, of these insulting levels of withdrawals. 

The inclusion and placement of some VERY BIG males in this class, and other classes, including some VA males and females, and other Adult females, in this year’s Sieger Show, raises fundamental questions as to the integrity of the German Körung system. To say it LACKS integrity is certainly not an inaccurate statement. 

The SV Körung requires all Class 1 males being measured at 65 cms or less at their withers. Of course a male over 65cms up to 66cms can only receive a class 2 Körung, and according to the SV rules and regulations, EVERY MALE OVER 66cms CANNOT BE AWARDED A KORUNG and EVERY FEMALE OVER 61cms CANNOT BE AWARDED A KORUNG. The SV rules further state there is NO appeal against a Körmeister’s decision in this matter, even if he measures a 65cms or 66cms male at a higher measurement, and consequently he denies the male a Körung. Such rules are unreasonable in our sport. NO man is an island unto himself, and absolute power corrupts. 

Many believe that Herr Reinhardt Meyer is going to seriously tackle many challenges facing our breed, particularly the size issue, the jury is out. Clearly this must be an immense task for Reinhardt, as this year there were some VERY BIG males in his VA group and the rest of his class. (The Italian Sieger results will also influence many people with regards to any serious assault on the size problem – with Nando making Sieger) 

I certainly have more to say on the issue of size. However do not think that I dislike big dogs - my clear position is that I simply want our breed size standard raised to a genuinely realistic one. The dishonest practices regarding measuring that prevail in Germany, and elsewhere, must end; it is simply no longer acceptable or tolerable. 


Many German dogs winning top honours are being used extensively at stud, and often sold abroad. I believe that many of these dogs have completely false height to wither measurements in their Körung, which if the measurement was accurate, under the SV existing rules & regulations would STOP such dogs receiving a Breed Survey (Körung) pass grade. Such a loss to our breed would be a tragedy. In the past many well oversize males, including many Siegers and VA’s, have been hugely beneficial to our breed’s progress. Can you imagine our breed today without some of those great (big) males? SV rules & regulations should not exclude such males from our breeding pool, and their inclusion should not rest on the breaking of such rules and regulations, this is why I call for changes. 

It has been reported to me that many German Import males, with Class 1 Körung, were entered in this year’s Canadian Sieger Show, and I was informed that the German SV Judge measured these males, and threw them out of the adult class, for being oversize. I am also informed that many of the incensed owners of these males are considering legal action against the SV, for providing their Korung’s, under their rules and regulations, with obvious and very serious inaccuracies. I would like to receive more information about this occurrence and any similar. There can be no doubt that changes have to be made in our breed standard relating to the size of our GSD, and to the Rules and Regulations connected to measuring dogs. 

Our current breed standard states the ideal size for a male is 62.5 cms - what a joke - how many males do you see of this size among the thousands at the Sieger Show? It then goes on to allow 2.5 cms either side of this ideal. Can you even imagine a male of 60 cms; I would collapse in hysterics if I ever saw one. And if I ever bred one I would be very concerned about its genetic makeup. Can you imagine taking a male of less than 62.5 cms into a show ring, or using such a male in your breeding programme? We need to get real, I have been in this breed for well over 30 years, and I am a Championship Show Judge and a reasonably successful breeder. I despair at our breed standard regarding height to withers, and I am angry at the insults to my intelligence that I am forced to tolerate on a continuing basis. At many GSD Shows, throughout the World, when I am told dogs have a Körung class 1 from Germany, and then when I look at them, and even having measured some of them, they are higher than 66 cms, and many go up to 70 cms. 

It is way beyond time that the SV stop refusing a Körung based on oversize, and change the Breed Standard on size. I would suggest that 65 cms is the ideal size for a male, and we should allow 2.5 cms either side of this for a Class 1 Körung. Outside of this range should result in a Class 2 Körung, and an appeal should be allowed if the owner disagrees with the measurements taken by the Körmeister. One thing I am absolutely certain about, well over 95% of males in the Show rings around the World, fall within my suggested measurements. With a very large portion within the upper half. 

We have a breed standard for size, which is considered sacrosanct, “cast in stone”, by the SV, the SV Judges and Körmeisters. Then this system allows these very people to persist in inaccurate measuring, particularly in the Körung, on a very selective basis. If anyone thinks my questioning of a Körmeister’s ability to measure both accurately and honestly is wrong, and we do not need an appeal system, then let the perfect Körmeisters step forward, please. 

If the SV doubts the size of the problem, or in any way wishes to challenge my comments and assertions, I would respectfully request that they organise the independent measuring of the first 20 dogs in ALL classes at the Sieger Show 2008, in Aachen. My suggestion is NOT intended to replace the judge’s responsibilities in any way whatsoever; it is intended to provide independent and factual information of the size of each of these exhibits. The measurement information to be published in the SV Zeitung at the earliest opportunity. Such open and transparent checks on easily obtained information about the top dogs at the Sieger Show, on an annual basis, would be invaluable to our breed’s future progress. Surely this is obvious to all. 

I am not forgetting for one moment that this Sieger Show is the “German Sieger Show”.  However the SV are fully aware of the Worldwide responsibility they hold for our breed, and the Worldwide impact this Sieger Show has. Not forgetting the SV Worldwide power and influence through the WUSV. 

I firmly believe that if the SV do not introduce changes to the Breed Standard regarding size, and changes in their Rules and Regulations regarding size, especially with regard to their Körung, they will in future be faced with litigation cases from within Germany and from around the World. They should be aware that we live in ever increasing litigious times, as well as very easy and comprehensive global communications. The current situation in unsustainable, the challenge is to formulate changes which are sustainable and will encourage transparent honesty. Perhaps legal action may be directed at the Körmeisters who have such absolute power regarding the Körung, and particularly measuring the size of the dogs. 

Note Körung Rule: 2.5.4 The decision of the acting Körmeister is final. An objection against it is not permitted.

Note Körung Rule: 6.4 Measurements and weights

The measurements for weight, depth of chest and chest diameter can be taken by the Körmeister or his authorized helper or Körung manager; the withers measurements are taken by the Körmeister. 

Note Körung Rule: 7.5 Unsuitability for the Körung b) Oversize or undersize of more than 1 cm; 

Note Körung Rule: 7.7.3 The breed survey can end, become invalid, through the process of revocation. This comes about through a recommendation by a Körmeister or conformation judge to the Köramt (survey office at HQ). A “hold” can be put on the process of recording the survey results for whatever time is necessary to iron out any possible problems. 

The Sieger Judges in 2008, and all SV judges, should measure EVERY DOG, that is shown in Germany, and where they are oversize – they should implement Körung Rule: 7.7.3 immediately – if they cannot do this, then at least be honest about the ACTUAL SIZE PREVALENT in our breed, and adjust the breed standard accordingly. Ostrich behaviour is unacceptable. The size problem is NOT reducing, if anything it is growing, we need to face up to reality, and implement new breed standard height measurements urgently. I totally refute the argument that if the breed standard height is raised, our breed will get even bigger. This is an argument put forward by those that wish to retain the present dishonest and corrupt system. The way to absolutely ensure this does NOT happen is very simple, Judges and Körmeister’s measure honestly and very strictly, with absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS, not even for friends or other Judges or Körmeister’s, or any other connections. The SV must then implement a Rule to remove a Judge or Körmeister from office if they measure any dog dishonestly. Perhaps the famous German “efficiency with quality” can be illustrated by the SV in this important matter. 

Perhaps the SV Judge of the Canadian Sieger Show 2007 – had the courage (sic) to throw oversize dogs out of the class, but not enough to implement Körung Rule: 7.7.3 above. Then again perhaps he did???

Again I make no apologies for writing about these very serious issues here in my IMPRESSIONS. The Sieger Show is the most globally important and globally influential German Shepherd Show. We must highlight all the most important issues affecting the breed’s present and future for open debate, so that they may be taken seriously by the powerful and influential German Shepherd organisations, especially those within Germany - the Homeland.

In the Adult female class - working female class, there were 9 VA’s

Most bitches in the front group of this class were very big, and very beautiful. I was very impressed with the quality, and more particularly the substance of many females presented on Sunday.




VA1 & Siegerin Gina vom Aquamarin, – a big substantial female who was VA7 last year, and fully justifying her title this year. Lovely feminine head and expression, harmonious conformation, superb overline and underline, correct angulations. Her gait was outstanding, with perfect forward reach, fully complementing her tremendous hindthrust. Her performance throughout was exemplary, a very worthy Siegerin.

VA2 Pania dell’ Alto Pino, moving up from VA9 last year, again an excellent female, a daughter of Zamp vom Thermodos.

VA3 Hasel vom Streek, A very balanced female, of correct size, beautiful conformation, and outstanding movement. She was VA4 in 2005.



VA4 Yasmin vom Nieuwlandshof, a BIG female – down from VA3 last year, her size looked less obvious amongst the bigger females this year. A very strong beautiful female who performed better than last year. Bred by a top Dutch kennel. It was very pleasing to see her breeder Geert Kroesen looking very well after a long period of illness.

VA5 Lana v d Zenteiche, up from V4 last year, a very beautiful female, giving an excellent performance.

The remaining VA females were all excellent and fully deserved their VA grades. It was good to see more fabulous females coming through from Zamp vom Thermodos. In addition to the VA2 Pania, there was VA9 Chiara vom Steffen Haus, up from V2 last year, V1 Alisha, V4 Chanel, V8 Daphne, sister to Sue Belfield’s Daira, now in England, V19 Kurina. What an excellent legacy Zamp is giving our breed.

This Adult class of females, particularly the front group, offer our breed considerable promise for its future.

Gina vom Aquamarin


Judge Henning Setzer & his team - Junghund Male Class

In the Junghund (Yearling) Male Class, There were no stars for me in this class, although it contained some excellent males, there was something obviously lacking in all of them, or in the case of the SG3 male something extra, his big size.

Junghund Sieger SG1 Godalis Tino, an excellent son of VA Quenn vom Loher Weg, a very well constructed dog, of correct size, and proportions. With his breeding and very low ZW of 73, and his excellent producing female line, I am sure many breeders will use him. I look forward to seeing him next year, but I believe that the SG2 Furbo degli Achei (ZW=78) in the Jugend male class, will seriously challenge Tino for their fathers VA crown.



Tyson vom Kottersbusch

Another challenger should certainly be the SG3 in this class Tyson vom Kottersbusch (ZW=79), a very big male, and another outstanding VA Quenn son, out of a superbly bred female. On balance I firmly believe Tyson deserved the title of Youth Sieger. I certainly found that Tyson had all the qualities of a Youth Sieger. He is a big male, but I am sure his Körung will measure him at 65cms. Look how many other very highly placed sons of VA Quenn were in this class. It is therefore no surprise that many people thought Quenn a worthy Sieger- maybe next year.

SG2 Sony vom Heinrichplatz, this son of VA Dux Cuatro Flores is a very good male, but lacked in the forehand, and should have been further back.


SG4 Tuareg v. Bad-Boll (Yanox Bad-Boll - Fanny Val del Lambro)


SG14 Magnum z. Kolbenguß  (Quenn Löher Weg x Helen Kolbenguß)
































SG21 Victor vom Zellwaldrand (Zamp vom Thermodos x Melinda Niemberger Eck)

Although this class contained many very good dogs, there were few with any outstanding quality.

Junghund (yearling) Female Class, A class of VERY BIG females, it was hard to see a female in the front group under 62cms. Do we have a problem with size in our breed? Certainly NOT! We only have a problem with our unreasonable Breed Standard regarding size.

Ronja vom Haus Burow

SG1 Ronja vom Haus Burow, a very big superb female sired by the legendary VA Esko vom Danischen Hof. It is great to see he is still knocking them out. Ronja was not in the best of condition, but this did not detract from her overall excellence. Her performance was exemplary.

Irina vom Frutteto

SG2 Irina vom Frutteto, A very big excellent female, sired by the very big male Ken vom Elzmundungsraum.

SG3 Gloria vom Valtenberg, and SG4 Pola vd Zenteiche, were both sired by Hannibal Stieglerhof, a male bred by the Judge of this class. Both excellent very big females.

SG6 Vina vd Alma Mater, another top class daughter of VA Esko vom Danischen Hof.

SG10 Jade vd Zomerdijkslanden, another wonderful female from the top producing female Jacky vd Zomerdijkslanden.

VA Quenn and Sieger Zamp had many excellent females in the top places of this class. It will be very interesting when breeders combine both these dogs in their breeding programmes. I anticipate excellent offspring.

Jugend (Junior) Male Class,

For me one of the best classes of the Show, only surpassed by the Jugend (junior) Female Class.

Panjo vom Kirschental

SG1 & Young Sieger Panjo vom Kirschental, is for me a STAR, similarly bred to Sieger Zamp vom Thermodos, being a Quantum son, out of a VA Esko daughter, Panjo possesses all the qualities of a future VA. He is a big strong and substantial male, of outstanding conformation and he gave an exemplary performance. A very worthy Young Sieger.

Furbo degli Achei

SG2 Furbo degli Achei, Another male I consider a STAR of this show, superb conformation, richly pigmented, he is a big male with excellent head and expression, and he catches your attention with an impression of overall excellence. He is a VA Quenn son who has a very bright future- an Italian male who many hope will be standing at stud in Germany.

Xaro vom Ben Harten

SG4 Xaro vom Ben Harten, an excellent son of Sieger Zamp, and VA Anta vom Ben Harten, a favourite female of mine. Although out of coat, nothing could detract from his overall excellence, and he is a male with scope- a very important and valuable quality in a young male. His anatomy was very impressive, and when he moved my high expectations were fulfilled. I am sure that with normal maturity he will develop into an outstanding male with much to offer breeders.

SG5 Belisar vom Aurelius, a superb son of VA Vegas du Haut Mansard and the top producing female Pippi vom Wildsteiger Land, who in turn is a daughter of VA Esko von Danischen Hof and the top producing Piggi vom Wildsteiger Land, who is in turn a daughter of the legendary top producing Marit vom Wildsteiger Land. What a fabulous combination of top producing males & females this dog has close up in his pedigree. A male who I would be (hopefully will) very excited to use and include in my breeding programme.

Bruno du Val D’Anzin

SG7 Bruno du Val D’Anzin, an outstanding son of Bravos vom Steffen Haus, and the superb Siegerin Tabata du Val D’Anzin. A big powerful and substantial male who impressed me. He has an assured future, both in the showring and with discerning breeders.

I was impressed with a number of males in this class, and I look forward to seeing how they develop for next year. They offer great promise and great choice to breeders; I certainly hope that many fulfill their obvious promise.

Jugend (Junior) Female Class

VA4 Vegas du Haut Mansard, dominated this class with many beautiful females, notably these FABULOUS FOUR, SG2 Birdy du Domaine du Parc, SG3 Ussi vom Pallas Athene, SG4 Jana von der Plassenburg, and SG6 Rimini von der Zenteiche.

SG2 Birdy du Domaine du Parc

These females epitomised their wonderful sire, with outstanding conformation and superb movement- they are simply beautiful. I know I have already mentioned them earlier, but they deserve repeating, as does the SG1 and Young Siegerin Paula vom Gut Lethe, a magnificent female. I felt this class had very good depth of quality, and the first group contained many females from young sires, which offers much promise for the future. I predict many of the top females in this class will dominate the Adult Working female Class next year. I also predict VA Vegas progeny will dominate ALL female classes next year.

I now look forward to next years Sieger Show to be held in Aachen, near Cologne (Koln), in North West Germany. It is a prosperous City, with very good, albeit expensive Hotels, many 3 and 4 star Hotels charging around £100 (150 Euros) per night, often with breakfast extra. So please book your Hotels early if you do not want to be disappointed. Holland and Belgium are very close to the venue, and if you are prepared to travel, say up to 25 miles, you will be able to book into some reasonably priced Hotels. Rose & Harry Emmett had once again organised their excellent Sieger Trip to this year’s Show, and I understand they will be organising it again for next year and hopefully for many years to come. Because of the closeness of the venue, Aachen, to Dover –Calais, some 3 hours drive from Calais, the coach trip will be going straight to the Hotel in Aachen. It is very well supported and appreciated by all - the atmosphere on their trips is excellent. Because they are cutting out the usual French overnight stay, the trip should be of shorter duration. For those of you who have never been to a Sieger Show, or have not been for some years, make up your mind to go in 2008. God willing I will see you there.


David Payne – Videx GSD

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