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Held in Karlsrühe Germany, a rather compact venue, regularly used by the SV, and because of difficulties securing suitable venues, will no doubt be used more often in the future. Karlsruhe is considered by many exhibitors and visitors to be less than ideal for this great annual show. The spectator viewing around the rings outside the main stadium is the main reason for their dissatisfaction. Another unsatisfactory arrangement is the gathering of the Progeny Groups on the Saturday morning, which is a major highlight of each Sieger Show, At Karlruhe it is very poor, spread along a wooded path, meandering along with little spectator consideration. The SV must consider improving the ‘gathering’ of the Progeny Groups prior to entry into the Stadium, making it more spectator friendly.

The SV should also give some thought to re-scheduling the young classes FIRST GROUP JUDGING on the Sunday morning. Re-scheduling would enhance the spectators viewing and enjoyment, and also help the exhibitors, for example, by having the two Jungend Classes (12 to 18 months), start first at 8,00am, and then the two Junghund Classes (18 to 24 months), start at 10.00am. Spectators can then watch a minimum of two young classes. More handlers and attractors will be available for each class. I am sure such an arrangement will provide a significant improvement in the Sieger Show for both visitors and exhibitors.

This may eventually lead to a four day event, which is long overdue, especially for the Judges, who would benefit by having more time for the individual assessments, which can take some 10 hours or longer on the Friday alone.

Another problem which occurs at every Sieger Show is the huge number of excused/withdrawn dogs, and graded EZ. The facility to pay for a withdrawal certificate from the Vet at the Show, and present it to the Judge or Chief Steward is clearly being abused. The withdrawal facility must be more strictly controlled.  This year the withdrawal statistics read like this: WORKING MALE = 26  WORKING FEMALE = 9  YEARLING MALE = 25 YEARLING FEMALE = 25   JUNIOR MALE = 28  JUNIOR FEMALE = 24 a total of 137 dogs withdrawn with Vets certificates, a ludicrous amount, much stricter rules and more examination of dogs are required.

It is an open secret that the majority of these withdrawals are from disgruntled owners who consider the CALL OUT place for their dog is not good enough, tough! They entered under the Judge and they are receiving his opinion of their dog, relative to all the other entries. Spectators and those who study the Sieger Show results are being badly let down by the current serious laxity of the withdrawal rules, notwithstanding that every unjustifiable withdrawal is an insult to the Judge.

The compact areas for the stalls, including the traditional fruit stall, with the superb Muscadet grapes, complete with running water and sinks for washing the fruit, and the many food stalls along with the drinking bars, do tend to get rather over-crowded. The social gathering that takes place during the three days is most enjoyable, and lots of information and opinions are exchanged. Many visitors seem to take advantage of every opportunity for social drinking, they regularly meet up with friends, for a drink and to discuss the many issues surrounding this great show, the dogs, the Judging, and courage tests, etc. which is all part of the excitement prevalent at the Sieger Show.

The weather for the three days was once again superb, mainly clear blue skies and sunny all day, with very comfortable temperatures. The Sieger Show is usually very lucky with the weather, which makes an important contribution to the enjoyment of the Show.

As usual I went to the Sieger Show with, Brian Wadlow, and on this occasion with Claire Brown, a young 23 year old girl with much enthusiasm for our GSD sport, and with an eye for a good dog. We spent some time meeting with our many foreign friends. And most evenings ate at a superb Italian restaurant, just up the road from our Hotel. The restaurant attracted several famous Judges, and Kennels, which of course added to the enjoyment of our evenings.

2004 was a good year for the quality of the dogs, but definitely not a vintage year, like 2003, when several superb males and females emerged from every class.

There is speculation about who will Judge the Working Males Class at the Sieger Show next year, now that Erich Orschler must stand down as an SV Judge having reached the age of 70. The speculation includes references to several very capable Judges. I also understand there is a desire within the SV to rotate the Judges for the Working classes.

Again I have compiled the MAIN RESULTS of the show, the first 50 in each class, plus the VA’s, I hope you find these useful. It also means that you can easily see all the major awards, and the sire and dam of each one, at a glance.

I have had some difficulty toning down my frustrations regarding the Working Males Class, I attended several Landesgruppen shows in Germany throughout the year, and I, like many others, receive the SID show results every Monday from the SV. SID provides the results of all GSD shows held in Germany over the previous weekend. When you study the results of those classes judged by the Sieger Judges throughout the Show year, it is fairly straight forward to assess the Sieger Judges opinion of certain dogs, and his relative opinion compared with some other dogs, especially when they are presented under him at several shows. For example if dog A finished regularly many places in front of dog B, it would be reasonable to expect the relative position of dog A and B will be maintained in the Sieger Show.
I can only imagine the frustration and disappointment of some of the owners, who spent so much time, energy and money, with their teams, training, preparing, and presenting their excellent males, throughout the Show year. Believing they could reasonably expect a certain relative position to some of the other males, having assessed the results after each Show, only to have their expectations turned around at the Sieger Show. I have no doubt this led to several withdrawals in this class.

I have often said “there are far more Judges on the outside of the ring than inside” and I really mean GSD Judges of considerable ability and experience. These judges can follow simple statistics, and check for consistency, and even take consideration of changes in the condition and performance of the dogs. In the current age of the internet, with its rapid communications, which can include pictures, and considerable detail, Judges of GSD Shows should understand they are under very detailed and widespread scrutiny. This scrutiny will become even more sophisticated as the technology develops, telephones can offer the opportunity for a ring-side running commentary and include photographs, and soon video pictures. There can be no doubt that the age of well trained and consistent Judges is upon us. Every inconsistency will be identified and analysed in great detail.


Zamp vom Thermodos

The failures in the courage test were again of some significance, with some major names failing, and also allegations of a substitute being used for one male, apparently found out when they checked the tattoo numbers on leaving the test arena. The failure which saddened me the most was Zamp Thermodos, last years magnificent Youth Sieger. I understand the failure was a particularly unlucky one, and I am assured he will return next year to make claim to the VA position which is clearly his.
Other notable failures in the Male Working Class were as follows:

Quenn Mönchberg - Neno Farbenspiel - Nado van Noort - Uran vom Moorbeck
Omen Ochsentor - Boss Elzmündungsraum - Erik Ehrenfeste - Natz Herdersfarm



Yasko Farbenspiel, what a fabulous dog and producer. Two years ago he was awarded the Sieger title for the second successive year, this year his progeny were clearly and emphatically the best, two of his three VA sons of this year, Sieger Larus von Batu, VA3 Erasmus van Noort have so far failed to emulate their fathers fabulous producing ability, his other VA son VA4 Orbit von Huhnegrab is too young to have a progeny group, but he has an awesome task just to equal his illustrious fathers record.


Nero vom Nobachtal

The other progeny group which I was very impressed with was Nero vom Nobachtal, a dog surrounded by controversy in Germany. I sincerely wish that whatever the outcome of the SV investigations into the issues surrounding this excellent male, allow his magnificent progeny to take his bloodlines forward to the benefit our breed. His Progeny is very father typical, with excellent conformation, superb angulations, giving beautiful balanced and spacious gaiting, couple this with beautiful colour, pigmentation, hair quality and excellent heads and expressions.

I was somewhat disappointed in the remaining progeny groups, with a few exceptions. I felt that the overall quality was not what it should have been. I see no reason for compromise in this situation, average quality is just not good enough, and of course there were some occasional outstanding dogs in these other groups, but the majority of the remaining where average. It appears the Stud Dog owners are more interested in large numbers of progeny, instead of the depth of quality. Take Bax Luisenstrasse, last years Sieger, he had two VA’s in his group, Pakros d’ Ulmental and Oprah di Fossombrone, but he had NO progeny in the first 25 of all the young classes, and only ONE in the first 50 of all the young classes, JKLR SG36 Ossi vom Furstenhugel. This clearly illustrates my point.

Several other Stud dogs with Progeny groups had several progeny in the first 25 of one or more of the young classes, but few if any truly outstanding specimens.  I was not surprised that the progeny group of the Sieger Larus von Batu was the largest numerically and of average quality, his sons had heads which were barely sufficient for males and the overall strength and substance was lacking, uppers arms tended to be short and steep, as were croups, colour was very good. I found it amusing when Larus was pulled out second in the beginning of the class, and eventually went up to first place because of his performance. I reminded myself of previous Sieger Shows, particularly when Quando, Kimon and Eiko became Siegers, and appeared to perform rather inadequately on the day, indeed Kimon was limping, on these occasions the spectators whistled and jeered, I recollect that then President and Judge Herman Martin said something like, “I do not understand the criticism of the dog becoming Sieger, they should understand the Sieger is pre-selected”. The SV and the Working Class Males Judge, cannot have it both ways, many people considered Larus was pre-selected, and so he became Sieger. The reasons why he was pre-selected are the subject of many GSD club house debates around the world. In my opinion Hill or Erasmus were more deserving of being the pre-selected Sieger.


Sieger - Larus von Batu

Another highlight of the working class males was the fate of Karat’s Ulk, who was moved up by the Judge to VA5 position during his judging of the class, only to be moved back to V1 position seconds from the end of judging, because his mother was not breed surveyed by an SV Judge. Surely this should have been known before he entered the ring in the final group, this occurrence was clearly devastating for the owner and connections of Ulk.


Orbit vom Huhnegrab

The star for many amongst the VA males was Orbit vom Huhnegrab, a big powerful male, with excellent type and substance, and a magnificent powerful head and excellent expression, to be critical I would like a better croup, but as they say, the perfect dog has never been born. His mother Pirie Haus Dexel is a daughter of the sable 2000 and 2001 Vice- Sieger Timo Berrekaston, she was SG 81 in the junior class at the 2001 Sieger Show, the Judge was Henning Setzer. Pirie has an excellent ZW of 75, the same as her magnificent son Orbit. I liked this male very much, and I hope he proves to be Yasko Farbenspiels best producing son, we will wait and see.


Elan von der Herderskring


My sincere congratulations to Paul Bradley with his superb male Elan von der Herderskring who gained a fabulous V9 position. Paul has worked very hard with Elan over the last year or more, and I know he has really enjoyed it. There have been many ups, and some downs, but as they say “it was alright on the day”.


Elan von der Herderskring  (gaiting)

For a dog like Elan to have been second in Open dog at our Two Day National, only six weeks prior to the Sieger Show, and also NOT even awarded the Reserve CC, understandably gave many cause for some concern. He was in tip top condition and was enjoying sparkling success at major Landesgruppen Shows throughout Germany at the time.


Elan von der Herderskring  (walking)

There is an obvious need for a comprehensive training scheme for our existing Championship Show Judges, with and emphasis on consistency, and the relative seriousness of faults, as well as a recognition of excellent virtues, In addition, there can be no doubt that we desperately need an agreed temperament and courage test for all Championship Judges to adopt. Discussion should also commence regarding a Judge Assessment System, to explore the possibility of introducing a feasible scheme.

It is not in the best interests of our breed to promote GSD that are unsound in mind and/or body. The usual Judges comment “he was alright under me, on the day” is just not good enough when no meaningful temperament test was adopted. I call on the GSD Breed Council to make progress on this important matter. In the meantime the first three in each class should be measured with a proper measuring stick, without being allowed to zero in on their owners outside the ring; I suggest it be done inside a large gazebo with at least two sides curtained up.

Ghandi Arlett and his son Flipp Arlett were clearly back in favour with VA 8 and V12 respectfully.



Wallace aus Agrigento continues to show what a top producer he is, with VA5 son Quirin, V8 son Lauser, V15 son Hulk, VA1 Siegerin Kamilla, V1 daughter Gitte, V7 daughter Ussina, V21 daughter Flamme.


VA5 Quirin vom Hochmoor

I was delighted that Marko della Valcuvia sired the Youth Siegerin Wafa, having an excellent litter in my kennel from Marko, of six puppies, four of them, one male and 3 females clearly have his stamp on them.



"Marko is a son of Dux della Valcuvia - his powerful reproductive capabilities not only come through VA Max, they also come strongly through Una della Valcuvia. Una is the daughter of one of the outstanding female VA "Ulme de Valdovin", a female bred in Spain by Javier Mallo.

note: Marko is line - bred 3-2 on this fabulous female VA "Ulme de Valdovin"



 VA Ulme de Valdovin was undefeated in Germany in 1996, 2 times VA6 Germany, Siegerin of Spain, two times Siegerin of Italy and also Belgium Siegerin. Ulme was a magnificent daughter of Sieger Visum vom Arminius, and the Spanish Siegerin Ora von Batu. Look how the "Della Valcuvia" breeder has based his kennel, and inbred on Ulme. many of her offspring is of her type. Ulme is a half sister to the great V male Lux de Valdovin SG3, a Zamb v.d. Wienerau son and one of his best).  Lux is apparent in many of the German VA's - like Larus, Untox etc etc. Lork de Valdovin VA of Spain and one of the best Spanish producers of all time. Lina de Valdovin SG16 Germany, and of course Ulme, Lux, Lork, Lina,  are all through the VA1  & Spanish Siegerin Ora v. Batu.  Ora von Batu, mother to Ulme, is also sister to Ossa v. Batu mother to Immo v. Batu, a top producer in his own right, and sire of Australia's top producer of many years Iwan vom Lechtal. It is clear that much of Marko's 'producing ability' comes through several outstanding producing females."
The results of the 2004 Italian Sieger Show emphatically illustrate the producing abilities of Marko della Valcuvia.


Kamilla von der Romerland

The Working female class was once again of excellent quality; I thought the first three were outstanding, especially when gaiting.  The Siegerin VA1 Kamilla Romerland was SG2 in the Yearling class 2003, behind the Youth Siegerin and VA8 of this year Germany Bierstadter Hof. VA10 Olivia Abendland was SG7 in the Yearling class 2003, the VA9 Oprah di Fossombrone was SG3 in the junior class 2003, the VA4 Cristal della Valle dei Rovi was SG24 in the junior class 2003,


Shalome vom Oasis

I was informed at the Sieger Show that Joe Summerhill has purchased the VA7 female Shalome vom Oasis and that he intends to show her in the UK during 2005. This is an outstanding female who was VA9 in 2003, her fabulous conformation and breeding, being a VA Orbit von Tronje daughter certainly suggests she should be an excellent producer. I wish Joe the very best with this superb female.


Ken vom Elzmundungstraum

The Yearling Male Class was won by Ken vom Elzmundungstraum, sired by Solo Frutteto a full brother to Yasko Farbenspiel, confirming the value of these bloodlines. Ken is a big male, with excellent conformation; to be hyper-critical his front feet turn out somewhat, what is interesting is that Heinz Scheerer did not consider this to be a significant fault. This Youth Sieger was bred by Richard Brauch, who is a very well respected SV Judge, and also President of his Landesgruppe. Richard Judged males at the 2004 West Yorkshire Championship Show, where in a very competitive Open Class of 19 entries, he placed Videx Omar at Devat first, and Videx Varus second, and went on the award them the CC and RCC respectfully. I am sure the readers will understand how proud I am of that wonderful achievement. Richard is also a very high powered Lawyer, similar to the late Herman Martin. Many in Germany see Richard as a rising star, with considerable talent and unquestionable integrity, coupled with a warm and friendly personality.

Of the others in the Yearling class I liked the SG4 male Dux who has a top class bitch line through Lina von Arminius, a daughter of Jango Furstenberg and Kelly von Arminius.


Quenn v. Löher Weg

Head Study of Quenn v. Löher Weg

The SG5 male Quenn v. Löher Weg is an outstanding male with a very bright future, he is owned by Uday Jani of the Godalis Kennel here in the UK and Germany. Quenn is a correct size male with excellent strength and substance, which comes through his grandsire Ursus, exemplary angulations and superb spacious movement. I watched this class for sometime and seriously expected him to go up to the front on several occasions.


Aro Delori  son of MARKO della VALCUVIA

Head study of Aro Delori  son of MARKO della VALCUVIA

Others which interested me in this class were the SG10 male Aro Delori, the SG 14 male Ramon, and the SG18 male Kally. This was a very good class, but not as good as last years.


Wafa di Casa Cacozza daughter of MARKO della VALCUVIA

The Yearling Female Class was won by SG1 Wafa di Casa Cacozza, a beautiful daughter of Marko della Valcuvia Vice Sieger Italy 2003. I was very impressed with this female in every phase, and since I arrived home I have watched a video of her in the Sieger Show, and was even more impressed. There were many excellent females in this class, and I make particular mention of the SG2 Oduscha, a daughter of Kliff Trollbachtal a superb male who was killed in a tragic accident when only 2 years of age, he was a very big favourite of John and Sue Thomas. The SG5 female Brenda, is out of another producer Zeppo Klebinger Schloss, who also produced several other excellent youngsters at this Sieger Show. Zeppo is now 7 years old, and a son of Scott Deodatus, and the Youth Siegerin of some years back, Ungana von der Wienerau, a black and red super moving female.


Ex vom Arline

The Junior Male Class was won by SG1 Ex vom Arline, an excellent male with beautiful lines and balance; he is a son of Cherry Bergmannshof, who also produced several other top placed males in this class, namely the SG7 Veit, the SG12 Liedo, the SG18 Odino and the SG30 Nantes. I was very disappointed to hear that Cherry has been sold to China. I would also remind readers of the fantastic litter that the Moonwinds Kennel have in the UK out of Cherry, and the wonderful females from that litter. Others of note are: The SG2 Pedro, SG20 Larus, both sired by Zeppo. The SG6 Sammo, a fabulous male sired by Nero Nobachtal, he also has a fabulous brother named Solo, who went out and won SG1 in a large class one week after the Sieger Show. Nero also sired the excellent SG19 Campino and the very young SG22 Hill, just over 12 months of age at the Sieger Show. Two brother gained SG13 Natz and SG14 Nero, both Italian males, a wonderful and rare achievement, can you imagine how the breeder felt.


Pina aus Agrigento

The Junior Female Class was won by SG1 Pina aus Agrigento a beautiful Zeppo daughter, who has a very bright future both in the ring and in my opinion as a producer. Others I would like to mention in this class are the SG2 Viola, out of Lady vom Herdersfarm, the mother of last years Junior Siegerin Tara, what a valuable top producing female Lady is.


Fedor vom Steinway Park

The SG3 Melli, sired by Fedor Steinway-Park who is owned by three of my closest friends in India, Vijay Singh, Abdullah Noori and Harchand Singh. Fedor has just gained VA7 in the North American Sieger Show NASS. Held on the 25/26 September 2004, my congratulations to them all.


Fritz vom Farbenspiel

The SG8 Guilette and SG11 Inke both sired by Fritz Farbenspiel, congratulations Horst.


Lauser vom Emkendorfer Park

The SG4 Frenzi and SG15 Grazie and SG43 Uschka and SG44 Aischa, all sired by Lauser vom Emkendorfer Park, V8 this year and V20 last year when I predicted he would be a very good producer.

I would like to pay tribute to Tony Trant - Jutone GSD, who sadly passed away only days after this Sieger Show. Tony clearly enjoyed the show and was seen driving around in his high powered mobility cart seeing everything possible and talking to many people over the three days of the Show. I am very sad that Tony will not be around at future Sieger Shows, I retain many fond memories of this gentleman of our sport.
I also passed on a condolence message to Sandra from Malcolm Griffiths, who reminded Sandra that it was Tony who gave him his first Judging appointment at 16 years of age, and his first Championship Judging appointment a few years later, and the Devon Show was the last GSD Show in the UK that Malcolm attended before he left the UK for Chile.

I look forward to next years Sieger Show to be held in Ulm, near Stuttgart, a small town, so book your hotel early. Rose & Harry Emmett will be organising their annual Sieger Trip next year and many people regularly go on this excellent  Sieger Trip; I know it is well supported and much appreciated. If you have never been to a Sieger Show, then make your mind up to go in 2005, you will not be disappointed, it is an unforgettable experience

Sieger Show 2005 Ulm near Stuttgart.   Show date – 2nd to 4th September

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