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IMPRESSIONEN Siegerschau 2006
IMPRESSõES Siegerschau 2006




2006 Sieger Show – Oberhausen, Germany

David Payne – Videx GSD



Zamp,  Lisa & Julia

Held in Oberhausen,
situated in an industrial area of Germany, near Dusseldorf, this is the first time the Sieger Show has been held here, and I believe it is planned to return here in 2008. Oberhausen is a somewhat smaller city than the usual large city venues, which causes some difficulty with available hotel accommodation, with many visitors staying in hotels some distance from the venue.

The Show was held in the Niederrheinstadion, which is not an ideal venue with a lay out not to everyone’s liking for this huge German Shepherd Dog Spectacular Show. The rings for the two Junior (12 to 18 months) classes (male & female) and the two Yearling classes (18 to 24 months) classes (male & female) were a considerable distance from the entrance to the stadium, although they were on a flat well grassed area, there was also some distance between the (12 to 18 months) rings and the (18 to 24 months) rings.

Walking around the venue presented many stairs, and elevations, some excessive distances, and continually dodging the dog faeces which was in most of the public places, with little evidence of facilities for collecting and disposing of it. On the Saturday afternoon there was an almost constant odour of dog faeces which was being regularly stepped on around the venue.

The young classes (male & female) had very good sized flat rings, with spectator viewing available around almost the full rings. This is a very important facility for the Sieger Show because many thousands of spectators attend and they need ample space to be able to see the dogs being judged. Some Sieger venues have only 3 sides of the ring accessible to spectators, with restrictions of various kinds on other sides. Inside the main stadium was somewhat smaller than the usual stadiums at other Sieger Show venues, but adequate.

There was a variety of facilities for various foods and drinks, between the young dog rings and the stadium and near the front entrance to the stadium. It was not far from these areas where most of the stalls were situated, although some stalls were somewhat separated from the main group.


Nathalie Prachensky and the Siegerin Xara vom Agiloifinger and Lothar Quoll

The usual social gatherings took place, especially amongst friends and acquaintances from different countries. It is a valuable aspect of the Sieger Show to meet up with people and discuss the GSD world, its ups and downs, the speculation and the rumours, the tips for success, the disappointments, and the likely winners and highest placings for each class, etc. et. This is a most enjoyable part of this great show and I had conversations with GSD enthusiasts from many various countries including Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Hawai and South Africa.

The final groups of the Working Classes (over 2 years) are judged in the main stadium on the Sunday afternoon. Of necessity, because of the very large entry, all the classes are placed in groups of approximately 50 to 60, and to cater for the larger younger classes, there can be as many as four groups as for example in the young female class. It is quite normal when a group has been judged, for several from the front of a lower group to be moved up to compete in the next highest group.

The weather forecast suggested the show would have some sunshine, cloud, some showers and thunderstorms, over the 3 days. Whereas the weather for most of the show was very good; with some cloud and occasional showers, and on the Sunday quite heavy rain for a couple of hours, mainly during the Working classes. The temperatures were quite warm during the whole show.

Once again I have compiled the ‘MAIN RESULTS’ of the show, and I hope you find these useful. It also means that you can easily see the major winners, and the sire and dam of each one, at a glance which also highlights those males producing the best youngsters at the show. I will draw your attention to these results later.

The 2006 Sieger Show brought a change in the Judge for the adult working class females, Gunter Schwedes of the von der Wilhelmswarte kennel. The judge for adult working class males being the same judge as last year  Heinz Scheerer of the vom Huhnegrab kennel, who is the National Breed Warden of the SV.

Gunter Schwedes is a well known and respected SV judge. Gunter has a quiet but authoritive manner, and his obvious enthusiasm and enjoyment, coupled with his ability and experience while judging the Working Class females was a pleasure to watch.

Ursus von Batu again figured quite strongly in the bloodlines of this Sieger Show, although it was apparent that some alternative bloodlines are being brought forward. The strongest bloodline to be promoted in 2006 being Dux della Valcuvia. His son Quantum von Arminius VA2 and a grandson, the son of Quantum von Arminius, Zamp vom Thermodos making VA1 & Sieger



It is very clear that Dux della Valcuvia is already a very influential sire within our breed, and is not only a top producer himself, but his two top class producing sons, Marko della Valcuvia VA7 2005, Quantum and his grandson Zamp, ALL carrying his excellent reproductive abilities.

I, again, offer the following explanation of these very important producing abilities which will help breeders understand where much of it originates from. It will also strongly emphasize the importance for breeders to more closely examine the producing females in a potential stud dog’s pedigree.

Dux della Valcuvia - his powerful reproductive capabilities not only come through VA Max della Loggia dei Mercanti, they also come strongly through Una della Valcuvia. Una is the daughter of the outstanding female VA "Ulme de Valdovin", a female bred in Spain by Javier Mallo.
Marko della Valcuvia is line - bred 3-2 on this fabulous female VA "Ulme de Valdovin" who was undefeated in Germany in 1996. Ulme was twice VA6 in Germany, Siegerin of Spain, two times Siegerin of Italy and also Belgian Siegerin. Ulme was a magnificent daughter of Sieger Visum vom Arminius and the Spanish Siegerin Ora von Batu.

Look how the "della Valcuvia" breeder has based his kennel, and inbred Ulme. Many of her offspring follow her type. Ulme is a half sister to the great V male Lux de Valdovin SG3, (a Zamb v.d. Wienerau son and one of his best). Lux is apparent in many of the German VA's - like Larus, Untox etc. Lork de Valdovin was VA in Spain and one of the best Spanish producers of all time. Lina de Valdovin SG16 Germany, and of course Ulme, Lux, Lork, Lina, are all through the VA1 & Spanish Siegerin Ora v. Batu. 

Ora von Batu, mother to Ulme, is also sister to Ossa v. Batu mother to Immo v. Batu, a top producer in his own right, and sire of Australia's top producer of many years Iwan vom Lechtal. It is clear that much of Dux della Valcuvia's great 'producing ability' comes through several outstanding producing females.

The results of the 2004 Italian Sieger Show emphatically illustrated the producing abilities of Marko della Valcuvia. The progeny of Marko at the 2005 German Sieger Show continued to re-enforce his producing abilities, as does the progeny of Quantum, and his son Zamp vom Thermodos, who at the 2005 Sieger Show had 13 daughters in the TOP 50 in the Jugend female class (junior class) and 7 males in the TOP 50 in the Jugend male class (junior class) – a TOTAL of 20 out of these 100 TOP GSD,
ONE IN FIVE, a tremendous achievement.

At the 2006 Sieger Show at Oberhausen Zamp vom Thermodos gained the much coveted Sieger title and Quantum von Arminius gained the Vice- Sieger title for the second time. On the Saturday morning the progeny groups of BOTH these top producing males were kept in the Stadium TOGETHER, while the Judges Heinz Scheerer and Gunter Schwedes extolled the virtues of their respective progeny groups. This was clear recognition of the very high value to be placed on both these males for their very positive contribution to our breed. 

Quantum sired the excellent male V9 Winner vom Assaut SG3- 2005, Dux sired Boss vd Grafenburg V13- 2005 and V11- 2006, Marko sired Wafa di Casa Cacozza VA6- 2005 and VA4- 2006, and Zamp sired Pania dell Alto Pino SG6- 2005 and VA9- 2006. 

Please read the MAIN RESULTS carefully to fully appreciate the tremendous producing ability through Dux della Valcuvia, and his two sons Quantum & Marko and his illustrious grandson, through Quantum, Zamp vom Thermodos, without a doubt the star of the 2006 Sieger Show. I hope you can fully appreciate why I have gone into so much detail of these valuable bloodlines. 

The ADULT MALE – working dog class, was for me the best class of this Sieger Show, there were 8 VA males.



Zamp vom Thermodos fully deserving his Sieger title with a superb performance and equally superb progeny group, with many gaining very high places, some I thought should have been even higher.



Quantum von Arminius – a BIG male, looking and performing very well for his age at VA2, with a very impressive progeny group.



VA3 Orbit vom Huhnegrab a BIG male who had the largest progeny group entered at the Show, but his progeny group was disappointing. The owners may consider putting quality before quantity in future progeny groups.



VA4 Pakros d’ Ulmental for me should have been in front of Orbit, on conformation and the quality of his progeny, he is also the sire of the magnificent VA8 male Vegas.



VA5 Dux de Cuatro Flores, again in my opinion Dux should have been in front of Orbit, Dux is the continuation of his father VA Hill vom Farbenspiel, and produced several outstanding females.



VA6 Quenn vom Loher Weg, I was more than a little disappointed in his progeny group and he must surely improve on this quality next year to retain his VA status.



VA7 Odin vom Holtkamper Hof, (Youth Sieger 2005) A BIG male is from a very successful kennel, and I have received several reports that he is producing superb puppies, although too young for a progeny group this year. A superb male, with excellent conformation and very good performance - I feel sure he will present an exciting progeny group next year.



VA8 Vegas du Haut Mansard, (Young Sieger 2005) my favourite male of all time, and again this year he looked the star that he is. Vegas is also too young for a progeny group, but again I am sure he will produce. We will see in 2007, as I have received reports of many outstanding puppies in his first crop of litters. Vegas, as with his father Pakros, is a very exciting male for the future of our breed. 

I have no doubt that a tie up of Pakros and Vegas lines with Ursus and Yasko lines and Dux, Zamp, Quantum, Marko lines will figure VERY STRONGLY in the future of our breed. Families to compliment families, and certainly royal combinations. I would add that Dux de Cuatro Flores and Esko vom Danischen Hof lines, especially where they are in the female line, should certainly combine very positively with the above lines. I am also hopeful that Odin vom Holtkamper Hof will prove a very successful producer and add to the exciting bloodlines developing in Germany, presently being promoted by Herr Heinz Scheerer. Most credit of course must go to the excellent breeders in Germany, they predominantly choose the male that suits their female. In many other countries, the majority of breeders choose the male for their female by ‘who owns the male’, a certain route to the mediocrity of our breed in those countries whose breeders adopt this practice.

It must also be noted that VA4 Pakros and VA1 & Siegerin Xara are BOTH out of the fabulous female Karma Ochsentor VA twice & Siegerin 2002

It would be most valuable if all other countries, particularly those with WUSV member Clubs, SUPPORTED MUCH MORE POSITIVELY THE PROGRESSIVE APPROACH OF THE GERMAN SV AND GERMAN BREEDERS. We could all gain so much more for and from our breed, and so much sooner. 

Before I go on to some of the higher placed V males, I would add here that the VA male line up this year was for me the best VA line up for many years, in conformation, performance, and in bloodlines, Herr Heinz Scheerer should be congratulated for his positive influence on this. Some progeny groups disappointed, but this was more than made up for by the outstanding progeny groups of the others and the exciting prospects for the future. 

At this point I should mention that Nando vom Gollerweiher VA9- 2005 failed his TSB test, as did Karat’s Yoker (now sold), these two were expected to be included in the VA group, but could not compete after their TSB failure. Ken vom Elzmundungsraum V2- 2005 and Sony vd Neudenauer Holzsteige SG2- 2005 had suffered injuries some weeks prior to the Sieger Show so could not compete. Sony has since been sold to China, joining many other top males and females the Chinese have acquired over recent years. Sadly Flipp vom Arlett had passed away shortly prior to the Sieger Show.



V1 Bravos Steffen Haus was widely expected to move up into the VA group, being the best son of the prolific producer Esko vom Danischen Hof, but a somewhat disappointing progeny group and with him not looking as impressive as he did last year, he once again missed out. 

V2 Janos Noriswand, A VERY BIG male, I was very surprised that he made such a high position as V2, particularly because he is such a big dog. I found it quite staggering that he went on to obtain the title of Sieger at the Italian Sieger Show some weeks after this event. The SV must surely address the problem of size in a more consistent and structured manner. I have much more to say on the subject of size within our breed later on.



V3 Quantum vom Fiemereck, a top quality Rocky vom Haus Tepferd son. He was the best male this year representing the VA Ando line, he was SG6 JKLR 2005. I look forward to seeing him and his progeny in future years. he is being very well used in Germany.

I would point out some other males in this class that particularly impressed me, V6 Idol Holtkamper Hof, he had an excellent progeny group, and therefore in my opinion should have been graded much higher.


photo by John Ward

Other males of notable quality were V8 Dux Jabora, V9 Winner Assaut, V13 Xaro d’ Ulmental, V14 Ingodds Agassi, V17 Bazi Urbecke, and the brothers V15 Negus and V 24 Naxos Holtkamper See, sired by Sieger Zamp out of a top producing Wallace daughter. 



There were once again a large number of dogs who failed the TSB Working Dog test. 47 adult males and 38 adult females (the TSB ‘working dog test’ is compulsory for all dogs in the Adult classes, and is also commonly known as the courage test, the bite test, the Schutzhund test.)

Several notable failures in the ‘TSB’ were: Karat’s Yoker V1- 2005,
Nando vom Gollerweiher VA9- 2005, Solo vom Team Fiemereck V14- 2005, brother to Sammo vom Team Fiemereck who failed last year, and was not presented this year. Merlin Osterberger Land SG12- 2005, Tony degli Achei SG13- 2005, Kenzo Grafenburg SG7- 2005, Cello Haus Yu SG4- 2005, Bijou Freeze Land SG18- 2005. Notable failures amongst the females were: Atrice Regina Pacis VA10- 2005, Osaka Fichtenschlag SG15- 2005.

In the Adult female class - working female class, there were 9 VA’s



VA1 & Siegerin Xara Agilolfinger, – a female who was VA7 last year, and fully justifying her title this year. A correct size female with a good head and expression, harmonious conformation, superb overline and underline, absolutely correct angulations. Her performance throughout was exemplary, she had obviously been shedding her coat but this did not detract from her overall excellence, a very worthy Siegerin.



VA2 Chakira Osterberger Land,
A BIG female, moving up from VA12- 2005, again an excellent female hailing from one of Germany’s most successful kennels. An Esko daughter who should certainly give much to our breed through her offspring.



VA3 Yasmin vom Nieuwlandshof
a BIG female – making a significant move from her SG11- 2005, a very strong female who could have performed a little better. Bred by a top Dutch kennel, that moved to Germany a few years ago. What an achievement.

VA4 Wafa di Casa Cacozza a BIG female, VA6 last year and Youth Siegerin 2004, A BIG female, fully deserving her higher VA position this year, a daughter of the top producer VA Marko della Valcuvia



The remaining VA females were all excellent and deserved their VA grades. I must say that I was very impressed with the judging of this class by Gunter Schwedes. He clearly enjoyed the experience and judged in a vigorous and professional manner throughout the class, and did a very fine job. The quality of this class was again very high, and many V females could have been considered for VA titles, hopefully several of them will return and succeed next year. It is always difficult for many females during their most productive years to cope with litters and the demands of appearing at the Sieger Show. I applaud the owners that manage to bring them back for several years, between litters.

One very serious aspect that I would draw attention to - many females in this class were clearly over 60 cms. This alone offers the opportunity for interesting dialogue as to how size is being handled by the SV, perhaps it’s “who you know and not what you know”?? The German ‘rubber’ measuring stick has been the subject of discussion for many, many years. Another regular topic of discussion at the Sieger Show, which this year reached even higher levels of incidence is the comment from many German breeders/exhibitors and spectators and also many foreign breeders and spectators, NO CONNECTION – NO CHANCE.

This is a very important issue for debate and resolution within our breed and throughout our breed World-Wide. The various aspects of this issue affect the FUNDAMENTALS which will determine the FUTURE of our breed. This issue affects the absolute necessity that the CREAM OF OUR BREED MUST RISE TO THE TOP.
The best dog or bitch, regardless of ownership or connections, should be promoted to the highest position in order that they positively influence the progress of our breed. No importance should be placed on who owns/breeds a dog.

I would congratulate the SV on the introduction of hair testing in order to check for THE ASSISTED COLOURING OF SOME DOGS WITH DYES at the 2006 Sieger Show. The taking of hair samples of the first TEN in the young dog classes and the first FIFTEEN in the adult classes was the most positive step in recent years to genuinely tackle CHEATING. The difference in the appearance of the dogs throughout all classes was very significant, I found it very reassuring how normal the colours appeared this year, and how some, who vied for top honours in previous years, now had colour which was very different. The owners should be in no doubt that this was well and truly noticeable. I sincerely hope the hair testing next year can be expanded to the top 20 in each class.

I also hope the SV will consider implementing a FOOLPROOF height to withers measuring system for the first 20 in each class at the Sieger Show. It is unacceptable for obviously well oversized dogs to be most influential in our breed’s gene pool. For too long a blind eye has been turned in this regard, and this practice should end.

The SV cannot, on the one hand rigidly refuse to increase the Breed Standard in regard to height to the withers, and on the other hand continue to allow SV Judges and SV Kormeisters to write down false measurements when they choose to. This is two faced, and this is cheating, and it must stop now.

The SV sets the breed Standard and the Rules and Regulations; they must also set the standard for integrity in our breed, which is of equal if not higher importance.


The SV Körung regulations are very clear as follows:
7.2 Koerklasse 2

Dogs included in the rating of Korklasse-2:

b) with measurement over or under the limits of withers height by up to 1 cm;

please note: the breed standard for height to withers are as follows: Males 60cm to 65cm – Females 55cm to 60cm.

In my opinion this 1cm is far too restrictive to facilitate totally genuine measuring practices, especially in the Körung, and I believe that 2cm at the top end is much more realistic. This becomes very apparent when one looks at the size of many top placed dogs at the German Sieger Show over the years. Not forgetting that most of these males have the greatest influence on our breed. The German ‘rubber’ measuring stick has been an international joke for as long as I can remember. The Korklasse 2 grade is surely preferable than FAILING the Körung and losing otherwise outstanding dogs from our breeding pool. This coupled with honest measuring is surely worth introducing.

I would also suggest a double check system for measuring height. It is far too important to leave to a single Kormeister, and measuring dogs using modern sophisticated methods which can eliminate or substantially reduce human error should certainly be explored. With modern technology surely this is possible.

I make no apologies for writing about these very serious issues here in my IMPRESSIONS. The Sieger Show is the most globally important and globally influential GSD Show within our breed. We must highlight all the most important issues affecting the breed’s present and future for open debate, so that they may be taken seriously by the powerful and influential German Shepherd organisations, especially those within Germany, the homeland.





In the Junghund (Yearling) Male Class, the SG1 and Junghund Sieger Irok Karanberg, would not have been my choice, but he is a very well constructed dog who sadly lacked showmanship on this big occasion. At this point I have to say I was disappointed in the two young male classes, they did not contain any outstanding males, unlike last years classes. There was certainly no Odin or Vegas or Sony amongst them. I also felt that several better males were down the line in both classes, which left many disappointed in the Judging.

It is crucial that the SV appoint the most talented amongst their Judges for the Sieger Show. We are all aware that some Judges are outstanding and have an eye, a real talent for judging our breed. We should make maximum use of these specially gifted judges. Let’s be very clear on one fact, that all GSD judges are not equally skilled and talented in judging our breed, and it becomes very obvious, at major shows, especially the Sieger Show, to the many thousands of German Shepherd aficionados who attend these shows from around the world.

SG2 Flipp Bujenter Land somewhat impressed, as did the three Zamp sons SG3 Yumbo Barenschlucht, SG5 Sirio della Real Favorita (Belgian Youth Sieger 2006) and SG6 Cito Haus Portofino. Zamp had SEVEN sons in the first fifty of this class. Orbit Huhnegrab had SIX sons in the first 50 of this class, although I was somewhat less than impressed with the very large SG4 male Greif Karl-May Hohle, as I was with the other Orbit sons who I considered lucky to be placed so highly.

In the Junghund (Yearling) Female Class, I was generally impressed with the quality - much more so than the Junghund male class.



The SG1 and Junghund Siegerin Tiana Fichtenschlag was a very beautiful female, sired by Wilko Fichtenschlag, a VA Orbit von Tronje son out of a Hoss Larchenhain daughter, her mother Lufti Huhnegrab being a VA Hill Farbenspiel daughter with the VA Karly Arminius, Marit Wildsteigerland line on the female side. Certainly Tiana is a female to look out for next year.

The SG4 Yelly Dreisbachtal a VA Dux Cuatro Flores daughter was also very impressive, as was the SG5 Dux daughter Finny Jahnhohe. There were three Dux daughters in the first fifty; in fact they were in the first 20. There were six Pakros daughters in the first fifty and seven Zamp daughters in the first fifty.

The Jugend (Junior) Male Class was certainly my most disappointing class of the Show. This was not a vintage year, with no outstanding stars for the future, and the judging of this class left me perplexed to say the least. Several excellent males deserved much higher positions in this class. I have never seen a judge at the Sieger Show scrutinize his paperwork so much; indeed there were times when I was at a loss as to just what was going on.



In my opinion, having watched this class from the beginning through to the final group placings, the SG10 male Xadro vom Streek an excellent VA Orbit von Tronje son would have been my winner, and the SG9 male Lasso Rieser Perle, a VA Orbit Huhnegrab son, who also stood out in Orbit’s progeny parade – deserved second place, both these males should have bright futures.



I was also very impressed with the SG28 male Thor Friedenspark who I certainly felt should have been in the first five. He is an excellent sable male of much strength and substance, excellent conformation and outstanding movement. I will follow his career with great interest.



I must mention two other excellent males in this class, both British bred and British owned, and both highly placed, although I must say that in my opinion both should have been placed higher.



One was the SG14 Astana Alfons, whose performance was exemplary, congratulations to Julie and Tom Bridge. He is sired by Mentos Huhnegrab a dog who was imported into the UK half owned by John Ward of Belezra GSD Cornwall. Mentos also gained a credible V42 in the Adult male class, congratulations John.



The other excellent British bred male in this class was SG29 Shotaan Fabius, another who gave an exemplary performance. Fabius is bred, owned, and handled by Steve Cox - congratulations Steve and to your dad Mike. Alfons and Fabius are a credit to their breeders and owners and the British GSD fraternity who they represented so admirably. They were certainly a British highlight of this very special show.

My eye was also caught by the two brothers SG19 and SG24 Flash and Fello Zomerdijkslanden, Dutch bred and sired by Zamp. I have to say I preferred Fello.

A very interesting observation of this class is to look at the sires of the first fifty dogs and see how varied they are, I cannot remember such a wide variation of sires in the first fifty of this class at any previous Sieger Shows, something to ponder!



The Jugend (Junior) Female Class, The SG1 Jugend Siegerin Viana Fichtenschlag was from the same kennel as the Junghund Siegerin Tiana Fichtenschlag, a remarkable achievement, congratulations.



The SG4 Nadia della Loggia dei Mercanti surely has a bright future,



and also the SG6 Despina Weinbacher Land, a VA Quenn daughter.



SG11 Gwendy aus Agrigento a beautiful female sired by the superbly bred Leo aus Agrigento must surely contend for a VA grading in future years, one I feel sure is destined for top honours.

The Zamp daughters SG18 Daphne Elzmundungsraum and her sister SG30 Daira Elzmundungsraum who is owned by Sue Belfield in the UK, also impressed me, indeed I felt Daira should have been a little higher.



The SG52 Calibra Panoniansee, also a Zamp daughter caught my eye.

Many females in the final group of this class were very impressive. There was depth of conformation quality and consistent type enhanced by excellent performance. For me this was the most impressive young class of the show. The Judge Eric Bosl did an excellent job and I heard very little disagreement with his placings. Once again there was wide variation in the sires of the first fifty in this class, look at the MAIN RESULTS, which clearly illustrates the wide choice of producing sires and successful combinations now available to breeders.

We must all appreciate how important it is for the future of our breed that we continually encourage young people, boys and girls, into our breed. I am delighted to report, what must be a “FIRST” for a young GSD enthusiast from Great Britain, 12 year old Jazz Davies who hails from Wales not only attended her first Sieger Show, she also handled the young VA3 Orbit vom Huhnegrab daughter Veneze Addie in VA Orbit’s progeny parade. Jazz was very impressive in the big ring of the stadium, handling her dog with confidence and skill well beyond her tender age. She certainly has much to offer to the British show scene, and I hope we all give Jazz maximum encouragement within our breed.



We should all be inspired by Jazz Davies to build a very strong junior participation in our sport, always remembering how important they are for its future. We should fully support the magnificent efforts of John Ward in developing a very successful junior handling programme, much more needs to be done by every one of us, including seminars, training classes and many more handling opportunities for juniors.


venue for the Sieger Show 2007

I now look forward to next years Sieger Show 2007 to be held in
THE STADIUM, Hamburger Straße 210, Braunschweig, near Hannover, in northern Germany. It is once again a relatively small town, so please book your Hotels very early if you do not want to be disappointed. Rose & Harry Emmett had once again organised their excellent Sieger Trip to this years Show, and they will be organising it again for next year and hopefully for many years to come. It is very well supported and appreciated by all - the atmosphere on their trips is fantastic. For those of you who have never been to a Sieger Show, or have not been for some years, make up your mind to go in 2007, God willing I will see you there.

David Payne – Videx GSD

© – David Payne





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