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IMPRESSIONS  2002 Sieger Show
Sieger 2002 - IMPRESSIONEN
Sieger 2002 - MAIN RESULTS
Sieger 2001- IMPRESSIONS




2003 Sieger Show – Ulm Germany


David Payne – Videx


Ulm, Germany, the first time a Sieger Show had been held here, a somewhat smaller place than the usual large city venue’s, with the actual Show being held in the Donaustadion, which turned out to be a compact venue with a lay out well suited to this huge German Shepherd Dog Spectacular Show. The rings for the two Junior (12 to 18 months) classes (male & female) and the two Yearling classes (18 to 24 months) classes (male & female) were well placed next to the Stadium on a flat well grassed area, with very good sized rings, and the important facilities for food and drink. Immediately between this area and the Stadium most of the all important stalls were situated, the other being situated around the other side of the Stadium, between the rings for the Working Classes male and female, except the final group, which are judged in the main stadium on the Sunday afternoon. Of necessity, because of the very large entry, all the classes are placed in groups of approximately 50 to 60, and to cater for the larger classes, there can be as many as four groups. It is normal for several from the front of one group, when the group has been judged, to be moved into the next highest group to compete.

The spectator viewing around the six rings outside the main stadium was excellent. Inside the main Stadium was somewhat smaller than the usual stadiums at previous events, but adequate. The seating was rather uncomfortable, with many spectators regularly standing up to relieve the Ulm Donnaustadion Numb Bum syndrome. The compact area for the stalls, and the food and drinking facilities did tend to get rather over-crowded. The usual social gatherings took place, especially with many foreign friends, this is a most enjoyable part of this great show, and covers the whole 3 day show, and also the evenings.

We always spend time with our many foreign friends. Friends from Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, India, Spain, Peru etc.
This year was sad for me, because my old friend William Hartley, a Yorkshire-man, who lived in Spain for the last 14 years and bred many Sieger exhibits under the Brunskiltal prefix, had passed away only a few weeks before the show.

The FOUR day CNN weather forecast suggested the show would have sunshine, with some cloud, over the 4 days. Apart from rain on Sunday morning, the weather for the three days was superb, clear blue skies and sunny all day, with very comfortable temperatures, ideal conditions for the show.

This year Rhoda and I had entered one of our males Videx Varus into the Yearling male class, and we were very excited and a little nervous at the prospect of showing a dog for the first time in this World Championship Show, especially a male we had bred, for this is the absolute pinnacle for GSD exhibiting, We had also purchased a male some months prior to The Sieger Show, Immo vom Mons Tabor, and understood that he may also be entered, more about this later.

2003 was the year Erich Orschler would be judging the working males class for the first time, Erich of the “von Batu” kennel, is vice-president of the SV, and because the president is not a conformation judge, the honour passed to Erich. Incidentally the top producer and a previous Sieger, Ursus von Batu figured most strongly in the bloodlines of the TOP MALES in this Sieger Show. The Judge soon made his mark on this years Sieger Show, a different approach to males was very evident, masculinity absolutely essential, and big is back, with the first 8 VA males most impressive for their size and substance. Many of the high V males were also of a similar stamp. I am talking about BIG, as opposed to middle size, NOT over-size.


Ursus von Batu

Once again I have compiled the ‘MAIN RESULTS’ of the show, and I hope you find these useful. It also means that you can easily see the major awards, and the sire and dam of each one, at a glance.

Bax von der Luisenstrasse, Sieger, out of 11 VA’s, and sire of the outstanding Junior Sieger Oliver vom Laacher-Haus, and the Junior Siegerin Tara vom Hanness, as well as many other excellent progeny, which the ‘MAIN RESULTS’ clearly illustrate, A very worthy Sieger for 2003.
I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Bax, Richard Yu, a modest man who has a considerable knowledge of our breed. Richard has been involved in our breed for some 30 years, this is the same period of time as my wife and I. Richard is also a GSD Judge in Japan. Although Richard does not speak much English, but with the help of his son Michael as interpreter, we enjoyed a long and very interesting discussion about many aspects of the German Shepherd Dog. When you meet Richard it comes as no surprise that he is honoured to own such a male as Bax, what may surprise some is the many other superb Males and Females that he also owns and has bred, I wish him continued success.


Sieger - Bax von der Luisenstrasse

VA2 Larus von Batu, a superb male with excellent colour, his father’s type, including his somewhat steep upper-arm, and short croup. I was very disappointed he did not present a progeny group, and like many others, I find it unacceptable for a male to be graded VA without a progeny group, and for a male to achieve Vice-Sieger without a progeny group, really is too much, this also happened last year with Untox vom Ducati, and this practice should be closely examined within the SV.


Hill Farbenspiel

VA3 Hill Farbenspiel, a male that has always impressed me, and a superb showman, I was also very pleased with his progeny group, overall very big, and substantial, with better croups than many of the others. Many appeared to have inherited their father’s spirit. I was pleased to see him achieve VA3.

VA4 Ando Altenberger Land, a fabulous male, big, strong, a powerful head, excellent colour, superb mover, yet I was not impressed with his progeny, Rocky vom Haus Tepford SG11, being an exception. I hope for much better next year.


VA4 - Ando Altenberger Land

VA5 Nero vom Nobachtal, last year I wrote in my article IMPRESSIONS 2002: “In the Young classes there were several outstanding shepherds: Youth Sieger Nero vom Nobachtal, an Enzo Buckhorn son, in my opinion his best ever. Peter Messler said of Enzo at the Sieger Show 2000 “It is to be hoped that male offspring will appear which will be in a position to perpetuate the line of his sire Lasso.”  You can be certain that Nero meets all the criteria to achieve just that. Well here he is Nero VA at his first opportunity, but NO progeny, my earlier comments regarding this apply. I have little doubt that he will produce, and also attract the cream of the German females. This dog has almost everything a breeder desires, conformation, character, colour, glamorous hair, and very good movement, as well as superb breeding. I wish him well.


VA5 - Nero vom Nobachtal

VA6 Erasmus van Noort, a big, strong, well constructed male, son of twice Sieger Yassko, he made this position partly because of 5 female progeny in the first 21 of the Junior female class (12 to 18 months) SG2, SG7, SG13, SG16, and SG21. He had no male progeny in the top 50 Junior male class. His highest placed son was SG87. I was somewhat disappointed in the progeny of Erasmus.

VA7 Quantum vom Arminius, a big, powerful male, a son of VA 8 Dux della Valcuvia, I have never liked either of these males. I think they are rather ugly, particularly in the head and expression, they have forward placed shoulder blades, Dux is somewhat the worse, they are long in proportions, and rather flat over the wither, with short croups. They are both excellent movers and I have to say, their breeding is superb, the dam of Dux, Una della Valcuvia is magnificent, and this sire line goes back to VA Max della Loggia, and Sieger Visum Arminius. It is very clear that Quantum is a superb producer, of both males and females. His son & SG1 Zamp vom Thermodos is without doubt the most beautiful male I have seen since Odin Tannenmeise, he is superbly constructed, of magnificent type, excellent head and expression, with strength and substance which is the important hall mark of this years Sieger Show, Zamp is to me a ‘dream’ dog, I have no doubt his future is absolutely assured, both in the show ring, and in his producing ability.


Youth Sieger - Zamp vom Thermodos

Quantum also sired, in the Junior males, SG3 Lutz vom Bad-Boll, SG6 Nex von der Noriwand, SG16 Hill vom Cohinoor, and in the Junior females, SG8 Gillana zum Gigelsfelsen, SG18 Narusha vom Noriswand, SG20 Dixi Veracruz, SG24, SG34, SG44 & SG49, A record that speaks for itself. You may well ask, why was Quantum VA7 and not higher? In my opinion he should have been VA3 more about this later.

I have received some additional information regarding Quantum and Dux, which I consider adds to the value of this article, as follows:

"VA Quantum Arminius and Dux della Valcuvia - their powerful reproductive capabilities come not only through Max, I consider they come more strongly through their Dam: Una della Valcuvia.

Una is the daughter of one of the outstanding GSD female VA "Ulme de Valdovin", a female bred in Spain by Javier Mallo.

 VA Ulme de Valdovin was undefeated, by record, in Germany in 1996, 2 times VA6 Germany, Siegerin of Spain, two times Siegerin of Italy and also Belgium Siegerin. Ulme was a magnificent daughter of Sieger Visum vom Arminius, and the Spanish Siegerin Ora von Batu.

Look how zwinger (kennel) "Della Valcuvia" has based his zwinger, and inbred on Ulme. Look how all of her offspring is completely of her type. Heads (Una, Dux, Quantum, Marko, Marlo, Solo), colour, toplines etc etc...

Ulme is a half sister to the great V male Lux de Valdovin SG3, a Zamb v.d. Wienerau son and one of his best).

Lux is apparent in many of the German VA's - like Larus, Untox etc etc. Lork de Valdovin VA of Spain and one of the best Spanish producers of all time. Lina de Valdovin SG16 Germany, and of course Ulme, Lux, Lork, Lina,  are all through the VA1  & Spanish Siegerin Ora v. Batu. 

Ora von Batu, mother to Ulme, is also sister to Ossa v. Batu mother to Immo v. Batu, a top producer in his own right, and sire of Australia's top producer of many years Iwan vom Lechtal.

We should all see, the Quantum & Dux 'producing ability' comes substantially through an indestructible fortress of outstanding producing females."


VA Ulme de Valdovin

VA9 Kevin vom Murrtal, a beautiful male, with a very good progeny group, but as yet failing to produce an outstanding male or female, the MAIN RESULTS say it all.



VA10 Orbit von Tronje, for me Orbit should have been Vice Sieger; TWO SUPER DAUGHTERS went VA6 and VA9, what an achievement. He has now produced a top class male, in Gonzalez von Tronje, SG8 in the Yearling class males (18 to 24 months). Gonzalez is owned by my friend Uday Jani, who regularly illustrates his gifted "eye" for outstanding GSD's, and  backs his own judgment by buying some of them. In my opinion Gonzalez should have been SG2; unfortunately he was almost totally without hair, having had a full moult some weeks before the Sieger Show. Never the less, his conformation, performance and breeding, should have kept him in the first 3 or 4 places.


VA10 - Orbit von Tronje


SON of Orbit von Tronje & SG8 - Gonzalez von Tronje

VA11 Quirin vom Hochmoor, another big and powerful male, giving an exemplary performance, however NO progeny, so why VA???


VA11 Quirin vom Hochmoor

There were some outstanding males behind the VA males, of particular note were: V1 Indo v.d. Bildeiche, V6 Henry vd Dunieschenke, V7 Fedor vom Steinway Park, V9 Fritz vom Farbenspiel, V12 Urban v. Gleisenauer Schloss,

V7 Fedor an outstanding top class male, who is certainly a valuable source of Sieger Ursus von Batu blood. being a son Wasko vom Aducht,  who is a direct son of Ursus x VA Amsel vom Tronje. Fedor's mother being a SchH3 daughter of Yassko von der Roten Matter, well known for his robust character, and for transmitting this to his progeny, including amongst them, the VA and top producer Neptun vom Bad-Boll.
All of this and his superb line-breeding of Jeck 4-3, Odin 5,5-4, Mark 5,5-4 makes Fedor a very useful and valuable stud dog indeed.
Fedor now resides in India, with his owners Abdullah Noori, Vijay Singh and Harchand Singh. He is being very successfully campaigned and used by many of the top GSD kennels throughout India, his contribution to the breed in India will clearly be substantial. I also understand the owners have been requested to let him return to Germany for stud purposes.


V7 Fedor vom Steinway Park

I also confidently predict Fritz vom Farbenspiel will become one of the best producing Ursus von Batu sons. He is one of the most powerful males in Germany, and of correct size.


V9  Fritz vom Farbenspiel

V20 Lauser v. Emkendorfer Park, who I also predict will be a TOP producer.


V20  Lauser vom Emkendorfer Park

It was enjoyable to see Steve Cox handling Urban v. Gleisenauer Schloss, who is currently the best Ghandi vom Arlett son, He is an improvement on his father, and he could attain VA status in the future, and help perpetuate this valuable bloodline.


BEST SON of Ghandi vom Arlett & V12 - Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloss

Some notable males were graded EZ which means excused from exhibiting, normally by the Vet, amongst these were: Quentin vom Karanberg, Stenley vom Lehnhof, Karat’s Ulk, Yak Frankengold, Cherry vom Bergmannshof.

Others failed the Courage & Control TESTS, and could take no further part in the Class. Of note were: Ghandi Arlett, Flipp Arlett, Quai Thermodos, Unox Aducht, Kondor Klostermoor, Karat’ Ulko, Solo Frutteto, Silvio  des Collines du Boischaut, Natz Moorbeck,

My personal choice for the VA positions would have been, Bax, Orbit, Quantum, Hill, Henry von der Dunieschenke (the V6 male) who also had excellent progeny, Erasmus, Kevin, Ando, and then those without progeny Larus, Nero, Quirin.


V6 - Henry von der Dunieschenke

The Working Female Class offered some magnificent females, the Siegerin was Kora vom Bierstadter Hof,


Siegerin - Kora vom Bierstadter Hof

 and the vice Siegerin was Qualli von der Flur, incidentally both sired by males, which were bred by the Judge of this class, Leonhard Schweikert, Wilson aus Agrigento and Wallace aus Agrigento, respectfully. Uday Jani, - Zwinger "Godalis" owns the VA5 Biggi vom Langenbungert and VA6 Farina von der Noriswand, an incredible achievement, my sincere congratulations.


Biggi - Uday - Farina


VA5 - Biggi vom Langenbungert


VA6 - Farina von der Noriswand

Esko vom Danischen Hof sired the VA4 Winona vom Amur and the VA5 Biggi. There were 10 VA females; I was very disappointed that V1 Anta vom Ben Harten, a Peruvian female, just missed out. Anta is without doubt a most magnificent female, she has everything, conformation, colour, movement, with a head and expression that is stunning. I have never seen a more deserving female for the grade of VA, indeed for me; she deserves to achieve the ultimate title of Siegerin. I am totally confounded as to why she failed to achieve VA.


V1 - Anta vom Ben Harten

There were many superb females in this class, besides ALL of the VA’s. The V12 female Ginger von der Maleiche is owned by the lovely British couple, David Greer & Heather Macdonald. I asked them to say a few words for this article, they wrote as follows:

Hi David,
 Well the only thing we can say about the Sieger show this year was it was bloody fantastic.  Nothing to do with our new female
Ginger von der Maleiche going V12 of course, No, honestly both David and I, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and it was great to have the added interest of competing as you will understand!  It really does make it special in a way that words can't describe.
We bought Ginger in May, primarily for breeding but in the hope we could show her at the Sieger, coat permitting.  In the 2 shows before the Sieger, under the Sieger judge, she was V10, then V6, so we hoped above all else, we could get her into the top group, as you do. To go on and make the place of V12 that she did was beyond our wildest dreams. We were both in tears and we don't mind admitting it either. We both fully appreciate all the work that Carsten and Brigitte Honig have done for us and for the superb handling skills of Alexandra Schipek. We most certainly could not have done it without them and all the support and help we had from Carol Eastwood and Alyson Reilly.  In fact, if it wasn't for them, we would not have got the female in the first place, so we are indebted to them both.

Very well done with Varus and Immo, they both did you proud and that's what it's about, here's to next year and whatever that may bring!
Best of Luck for the shows
Heather Macdonald & David Greer
'Conbhairean GSD's'

David & Joan Hall presented Gayville’s Italia who achieved V66; Steve Foran presented Mirrwood Rose in the Yearling female class (18 to 24 months) who achieved SG72. 

In the Yearling male class (18 to 24 months) I have already mentioned the Youth Sieger Zamp vom Thermodos, and the SG8 Gonzalez vom Tronje, others of particular note in this class were the SG2 Karat’s Yoker, a superb son of Ursus von Batu, the SG7 Armin aus Agrigento, a son of Til vom Lechtal, the SG11 Rocky vom Haus Tepferd, the SG12 Mark vom Schwalmbergtal, and my own outstanding young male, SG38 Videx Varus. It is worth considering that only a few weeks earlier, at the Belgium Sieger Show, under the same Judge: Bernard Norda, Videx Varus gained SG3, and remember the SG4 male in Belgium Tom vom Bauhofer-Land gained SG15 here at Ulm, and the SG2 male in Belgium Norbert vom Vierhundert Hertz, gained SG18 here at Ulm. It is often said that the German Sieger Show results are influenced by many various considerations of the Judges. In my opinion Varus deserved to be in the first 15 of this class.

We have now brought Varus home to England, and we were delighted when he won V1 Open Dog and the Challenge Certificate (C.C.) at his very first Show – GSD Club of Wales Championship Show, under the very well respected Judge: Joe Summerhill. The numerous complements about Varus, and congratulations received, was very enjoyable for Rhoda & I. We have no doubt that, to date, Varus is the best Male we have ever bred or owned.


SG38 - Videx Varus

In the Yearling female Class (18 to 24 months) the Youth Siegerin was Germany vom Bierstadter Hof, from the same breeder of the Siegerin, Rudiger Mai.


Youth Siegerin - Germany vom Bierstadter Hof

It is worth noting that Wallace aus Agrigento sired some superb females in this class, including the SG2 Kamilla vom Romerland, SG4 Perle von der Jahnhohe, SG9 Raica vom Holtkamper See, SG17 Tyra vom Wilhendorf (a top USA Kennel). Wallace also sired the VA11male, Quirin vom Hochmoor, V20 male Lauser vom Emkendorfer Park, visited by several VA females, and tipped to be a top producer, VA2 female, Quali vd Flur, V14 female Chipsi vom Huhnegrab, and several other top placed males and females.



The Junior male class (12 to 18 months) was headed by the powerful and superb Bax son Oliver vom Laacher-Haus, an outstanding male, well developed, of excellent type, and very good movement, on occasions his wither appeared to somewhat flatten.


Young Sieger - Oliver vom Laacher-Haus

 The SG5 Pakros d’ Ulmental an outstanding male, was also sired by Bax. The SG2 Orbit vom Huhnegrab, a son of Yasko Farbenspiel, I predict both these males will have an excellent future.

The Junior female class (12 to 18 months) was headed by the very beautiful Tara vom Hanness, a superb daughter of the Sieger Bax, a female with all the attributes to take her all the way to a future Siegerin title.


Young Siegerin - Tara vom Hanness

 The SG3 Oprah di Fossombrone also a daughter of Bax, I had seen Oprah earlier in the year, and I had predicted she could be the young Siegerin. A very beautiful female indeed. The SG12 Nokia vom Contra I had also seen some 9 months earlier, another super female. A friend of mine, Hans van Rijt from Holland, trained the SG15 Senia von der Herdersfarm for the Sieger Show, and I had watched her during training, and when she made SG1 at the Belgium Sieger Show, a very beautiful female. At the Dutch Sieger Show 2003 the two very beautiful sisters Ronda vom Adelplatz gained SG1 and her sister Ratta vom Adelplatz gained SG2, here at Ulm these Esko daughters gained SG25 and SG52 respectively.

It must be realized and remembered by everyone that the Sieger Show, attracts an entry into several thousand. Each class has several hundred entries, particularly the young female classes. Many entries come from outside of Germany, and these numbers are growing. Some 21 entries were owned by British enthusiasts, and I am the very proud owner of the highest placed British Bred GSD at this years Sieger Show, Videx Varus. I also own the V66 male Immo vom Mons Tabor.


V67 - Immo vom Mons Tabor

The annual German Sieger Show is truly the WORLD CHAMPIIONSHIP SHOW FOR GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS. We can look forward to growing British entries and growing British success. To achieve this we should all recognize how much effort it takes to exhibit in this the Worlds Premier GSD Show, and we should build the excellent TEAMWORK that exists in most countries throughout Europe, and particularly in Germany, in their approach to exhibiting in it.

I look forward to next years Sieger Show to be held in Karlsruhe, an old favourite venue, so book your trip and hotel early. Rose & Harry Emmett will have their usual trip for next year, and I am sure they will have reserved a lot of spare rooms; Tel. 01254 - 233510

I also look forward to going to many shows in Europe, including Germany during 2004. If you have never been to a Sieger Show, then promise yourself to go in 2004, you will not be disappointed, and it is definitely an unforgettable experience.

God willing, I will see you next year at Karlsruhe.

David Payne - Videx GSD

Copyright © David Payne - Videx GSD




Karlsrühe - Germany
27th - 29th August 2004




Sieger Show - 2004
27 to 29 August - Karlsruhe - Germany





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