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2005 Sieger Show – Ulm, Germany

David Payne - Videx GSD


Held in Ulm, Germany, situated on the banks of the Danube, this is the second time the Sieger Show has been held here, and I am sure it will return one day. Ulm is a somewhat smaller town than the usual large city venues, which causes some difficulty with the limited available hotel accommodation, many visitors staying in hotels many miles from the venue. The Show was held in the Donaustadion, which is an excellent venue with an ideal lay out well suited to this huge German Shepherd Dog Spectacular Show. The rings for the two Junior (12 to 18 months) classes (male & female) and the two Yearling classes (18 to 24 months) classes (male & female) were well placed next to the stadium on a flat well grassed area, with very good sized rings, and a variety of facilities for various foods and drinks, between this area and the stadium most of the stalls are situated. The final groups of the Working Classes (over 2 years) are judged in the main stadium on the Sunday afternoon. Of necessity, because of the very large entry, all the classes are placed in groups of approximately 50 to 70, and to cater for the larger classes, there can be as many as four groups as in the young female class. It is quite normal when a group has been judged, for several from the front of that group to be moved up to compete in the next highest group.

The space for viewing each class from around the rings, outside the main stadium, was excellent, with access to all sides of the rings, this is a very important facility for the Sieger Show because many thousands attend and they need ample space to be able to see the classes being judged. Some Sieger venues have only 3 sides of the ring accessible to spectators. Inside the main stadium was somewhat smaller than the usual stadiums at other Sieger Shows, but adequate. The rather compact area for the trade stands did tend to become over-crowded. Many social gatherings took place, especially amongst friends and acquaintances. It is a valuable aspect of the Sieger Show to meet up with people and discuss the GSD world, its ups and downs, the speculation and the rumours, the tips for success, and the likely winners of each class, etc. etc; this is a most enjoyable part of this great show.

The weather forecast suggested the show would have sunshine, cloud, some showers and thunderstorms, over the 3 days. Whereas the weather for the entire show was superb; blue skies and sunny all day, with warm but comfortable temperatures, giving ideal conditions for the Show.

Once again I have compiled the ‘MAIN RESULTS’ of the show, and I hope you find these useful. It also means that you can easily see the major winners, and the sire and dam of each one, at a glance. I will draw your attention to these results later.

The 2005 Sieger Show brought changes in the Judges for the adult working classes, Heinz Scheerer judging males and Rudiger Mai judging females. Heinz Scheerer of the vom Huhnegrab kennel is the National Breed Warden of the SV. His speech at the end of judging the Working Class has to be the longest I have ever heard at a Sieger Show and I think the only ‘thanks’ he left out was to the ‘grass for growing’ and to the ‘sun for shining’.
Rudiger Mai of the vom Bierstadter Hof kennel is very well known and respected throughout the GSD world. Rudiger judged the Irish Sieger Show earlier this year, an excellent event organised so successfully by the GSA, an Irish Club with a genuine agenda for all aspects of our breed.



Ursus von Batu again figured strongly in the bloodlines of this Sieger Show, although it was apparent that some alternative bloodlines are being brought forward, particularly Dux della Valcuvia. Two of his sons and a grandson were awarded VA, namely Quantum von Arminius VA2, Marko della Valcuvia VA7 and, the son of Quantum von Arminius, Zamp vom Thermodos VA5. It is very clear that Dux della Valcuvia is a very influential sire, and is not only a top producer himself, but his three top class producing sons, Marko, Quantum and his grandson Zamp, ALL carrying his excellent reproductive abilities. This ability should be more closely examined.

I offer the following explanation of these very important producing abilities which will help breeders understand where much of it originates from. It will also strongly emphasize the importance for breeders to more closely examine the producing females in a potential stud dog’s pedigree.

Dux della Valcuvia - his powerful reproductive capabilities not only come through VA Max della Loggia di Mercanti, they also come strongly through Una della Valcuvia. Una is the daughter of the outstanding female VA "Ulme de Valdovin", a female bred in Spain by Javier Mallo.
Marko della Valcuvia is line - bred 3-2 on this fabulous female VA "Ulme de Valdovin" who was undefeated in Germany in 1996.



Ulme was twice VA6 in Germany, Siegerin of Spain, two times Siegerin of Italy and also Belgium Siegerin. Ulme was a magnificent daughter of Sieger Visum vom Arminius, and the Spanish Siegerin Ora von Batu. Look how the "Della Valcuvia" breeder has based his kennel, and inbred on Ulme. Many of her offspring follow her type. Ulme is a half sister to the great V male Lux de Valdovin SG3, (a Zamb v.d. Wienerau son and one of his best). Lux is apparent in many of the German VA's - like Larus, Untox etc. Lork de Valdovin VA of Spain and one of the best Spanish producers of all time. Lina de Valdovin SG16 Germany, and of course Ulme, Lux, Lork, Lina, are all through the VA1 & Spanish Siegerin Ora v. Batu.  Ora von Batu, mother to Ulme, is also sister to Ossa v. Batu mother to Immo v. Batu, a top producer in his own right, and sire of Australia's top producer of many years Iwan vom Lechtal. It is clear that much of Marko's 'producing ability' comes through several outstanding producing females.
The results of the 2004 Italian Sieger Show emphatically illustrate the producing abilities of Marko della Valcuvia. The progeny of Marko at the 2005 German Sieger Show continue to re-enforce his producing abilities, as does the progeny of Quantum, and his son Zamp vom Thermodos, who had 13 daughters in the TOP 50 in the Jugend female class (junior class) and 7 males in the TOP 50 in the Jugend male class (junior class) – a TOTAL of 20 out of these 100 TOP GSD,
ONE IN FIVE, a tremendous achievement. I hope the readers can appreciate why I have gone into so much detail of these valuable bloodlines. (these details compiled with the help of:  Senlis Chouza "Sen" - www.Alegriahof.com )

See my own VA Marko son here: http://www.videxgsd.com/videx_toro.htm

A VA Enzo von Buchhorn grandson VA9, Nando vom Gollerwieher, a dog that was until recently owned by one of this years Sieger Show Judges Hans-Peter Fetten. Had he remained in his ownership Nando could not have competed. The VA Hill vom Farbenspiel son Dux de Cuatro Flores made VA6.

Several VA males presented NO progeny groups; these were VA6 Dux de Cuatro Flores, VA8 Quenn vom Loher Weg and VA9 Nando vom Gollerweiher. This does not sit comfortably with me, and, in my opinion, it is unacceptable that a male can be awarded the title of VA without a progeny group, especially when there are males NOT awarded VA, who have impressive progeny groups. For example Karat’s Yoker, Quentin Karanberg (yes I know he was ‘excused’) Lauser vom Emkendorfer Park, and surely Yello vom St. Michaels-Berg V12 deserved to be VA over his VA9 son Nando; Yello had a very good progeny again this year. Several other males also had decent progeny groups.



If the Judge really wanted to introduce new and/or alternative bloodlines into the VA group, irrespective of the dog having a progeny group, the V3 male Bravos vom Steffen Haus has ALL of the qualities required. Bravos is an outstanding son of the TOP PRODUCING male Esko vom Danischen Hof, and it is clear that Esko blood combines superbly with Ursus blood. I am sure Bravos will be a very popular stud dog, and fulfill his stud quota. He should be a very positive influence for our breed, and must surely contend for a VA title next year.

I know that some will differ with my opinion, and stress the need to introduce new and/or alternative bloodlines, and broaden the VA bloodlines. I sometimes wonder if the proffered reasons are valid, as the breeders determine if they will use a dog, and his progeny will influence these breeders more than a VA title. I will continue to press the point that a judge’s decision has to be credible, and quality progeny groups should be essential for males who achieve VA titles. I really mean QUALITY, as I am also concerned with growing numbers in many progeny groups, where the quality of many is sadly rather poor. In these situations you usually see a really good one bringing up the rear, to leave an impression at the end. I sometimes think that the owners of the Sires of these progeny groups think they can fool most of the people most of the time, perhaps they are right.

Hannibal vom Steiglerhof failed the gun test.

There were many dogs excused from their classes with the requisite Vets certificate, 38 adult males, 10 adult females, 27 yearling males (18 to 24 months), 16 yearling females (18 to 24 months), and 27 junior males (12 to 18 months) 30 junior females (12 to 18 months. MAKING A TOTAL OF 142 this is 5 more than in 2004.

Amongst the most notable excused were: Rocco van der Herdersfarm, Stano vom Hasenborn, Opal vom Karanberg, Mike vom Estherlager, Quentin vom Karanberg, Stenley vom Lehnhof, Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloss, Niklas van der Herdersfarm, Chuck von der Lust, Hulk vom Rohburg, VA Ghandi vom Arlett, Karat’s Ulk, Nick vom Leithawald.

There were also a large number of dogs who failed the Working Dog test. 46 adult males and 36 adult females (the ‘working dog test’ is compulsory for all dogs in the Adult (working) classes, and is also commonly known as the courage test, the bite test, the Schutzhund test.
There were several notable failures in the ‘working dog test’ namely: Lorenzo von Isidora, Karat’s Yasko (brother to Karat’s Yoker), Attila von der Piste Trophe, Barry de Chiamer, Ultrabox von Ducati, Kally vom Bierstadter Hof, Idol vom Holtkamper Hof, Sammo vom Team Fiemereck, and Elan von der Herderskring.

Before I go onto the VA males, I feel there is a need to mention that ALL dogs in this Sieger Show were measured for their wither height by the judges. I never saw any obvious negative treatment of any VERY BIG dogs, several of the TOP dogs were VERY BIG and certainly many VA’s were VERY BIG.
Many people, including myself, are confused to just how the SV are dealing with size in our breed, and I personally feel very strongly that the BREED STANDARD needs to be changed. I do not intend to go into the many issues of this subject, but would just point out that a male of 67cms or even 67.5 cms is what I really find attractive; and a male of less that 63.5 cms, I find somewhat lacking. Of course these personal views would NEVER influence my judging to the Breed Standard. I just feel that enhanced feeding regimes, and environmental changes have certainly increased the height of human beings over the last 100 years, so why not accept the same has influenced the height of the GSD. I know of very few GSD folk who disagree with this view.

The SV, and for that matter the WUSV board, should explain how they are dealing with the size of our breed, and their explanation should be published in ENGLISH, as well as several other languages. The system agreed and adopted should be internationally understood, and should be fair and consistent to everybody. The growing numbers of foreign entries, with obvious increasing success in the German Sieger Show each year, clearly indicates this need to communicate in other languages.

Sieger Larus von Batu, A VERY BIG DOG - Sieger (for the second time) out of a total of 9 VA’s. Larus looked and performed very well. His upper arm could be better angled, and his croup is somewhat short and steep. Although his progeny had slightly improved this year, it was not of exceptional quality, unlike his father Yasko, a previous twice Sieger, who was a superb producer and fully deserved his achievements. I cannot see any justification in Larus becoming a Sieger, and certainly NOT twice.



VA2 Quantum von Arminius
, A VERY BIG DOG – Vice-Sieger, strong, substantial, powerful head, although ‘lippy’, a dog whose expression I personally dislike, and many of his progeny have inherited his expression. He is somewhat stretched, and bland in pigment/colour. I use this term because many people in GSD now keep referring to colour as pigment, although this is strictly speaking inaccurate. Quantum is an excellent producer, his progeny clearly demonstrate this. Expression should not detract from all his other excellent attributes.

VA3 Erasmus van Noort, A VERY BIG DOG - A male I particularly like, but I was VERY disappointed in his progeny, and this is not the first time. A strong and substantial male, of excellent type, harmony, and conformation. He has BIG ears, excellent expression, forehand somewhat steep and a short croup, undeniable traits from his illustrious father Yasko vom Farbenspiel. For me Erasmus has not delivered the progeny in our breed that I had expected.



VA4 Pakros d’Ulmental
– A TOP SIZE MALE – A male I have always admired, he has superb conformation, although I would like a slightly stronger head. On the evidence of his progeny this year, from only 10 weeks of studs which would have produced offspring old enough for this 2005 Sieger Show, PAKROS has emphatically shown that he is a certain future SIEGER. His fabulous son Vegas du Haut Mansard was for me, and many others I am sure, the STAR of this Sieger Show. Vegas was SG1 and Jugend Sieger, a truly outstanding male who I consider the very best GSD male I have had the pleasure of seeing in over 30 years in this breed. I was delighted to discover that these two fabulous males are fed on the same super premium British food that I use in my own kennel, Arden Grange. for more details visit www.ardengrange.com

In addition Pakros sired the Hilvi vom Huhnegrab SG3 female in the Jugend class, and she was really special. At the same time I received many comments that Vanta vom Hochstadter Wappen the SG1 and Jugend Siegerin (junior class) was unworthy of her SG1 placing. I watched her in the parade in the big stadium (I have a superb pair of binoculars) and fully understood and agreed with these comments. I have said it before, and I repeat it here again, there are far more Judges on the outside of the ring, and many are excellent internationally renowned specialist GSD Judges, who will express their views most freely and eloquently, and can form a clear and fair opinion about any GSD class.




VA5 Zamp vom Thermodos
– a correct size male, the STAR of the VA group for me, as I have said in my 2003 & 2004 SIEGER IMPRESSIONS, and still available on my web-site www.videxgsd.com - an outstanding male who will become VA, and he must surely become a TOP producer. Let the FACTS speak for themselves. VA5 & his young progeny 13 females in the first 50 places – Jugend female class (junior) and 7 males in the first 50 places – Jugend male class junior). A total of 20 dogs in the top groups, 1 in every 5. = 20%
this is the clearest and unquestionable testimony of Zamp’s producing abilities.

Look now at my MAIN RESULTS and see for yourselves the progeny results of Zamp.

VA6 Dux de Cuatro Flores – A big male of excellent conformation, with a somewhat short croup and somewhat short and steep upper arm. I was very surprised Dux was awarded VA, maybe it was because he is considered the best VA Hill Farbenspiel son.

VA7 Marko della Valcuvia – a top size male – A male who gained his VA on his excellent conformation and on his top class producing ability. It should always be remembered that the Sieger Show is not just a beauty show, it is a BREED show, and this combination is frequently overlooked or forgotten by too many. Marko undoubtedly deserved his VA status, just look at his progeny results. He is without doubt a very powerful genetic force in our breed, as I have illustrated earlier, and breeders who ignore this fact, for whatever reasons, will miss out on his outstanding producing bloodlines.



VA8 Quenn vom Loherweg
– a top size male – a male with superb conformation, much improved with normal development over the last year and now very impressive. I was somewhat surprised he was awarded VA this year, but fully expected him to be VA next year. He had no progeny because of his age, however many top kennels in Germany have used him and there are unsurprisingly many reports of outstanding puppies from him. These reports include several comments that he is producing more to his female lines than his sire line, a quality I very much value, particularly in this instance. Quenn’s female lines include Vina vom Moorbeck, an Ulk von Arlett daughter, from a Fanto Hirschel daughter, Vina’s brother is the excellent VA Vando vom Moorbeck the sire of Rocky vom Haus Tepferd's mother. Quenn’s maternal grand father is Lux de Valdovin, referred to earlier, son of those TOP producers Sieger Zamb von der Wienerau and Spanish Siegerin Ora von Batu. I am really looking forward to seeing Quenn’s progeny in 2006.
VA9 Nando vom Gollerweiher – a big powerful male who I have seen several times in Germany, and he never really impressed me. He lacks harmony and never impressed me in the VA Group of males. My comments earlier express more of my opinion.

Several other adult males are more than worthy of being mentioned:
V1 Karat’s Yoker – an impressive progeny group, in the young classes an SG28, SG34, SG10, SG11, SG15, SG22, SG29, SG47, SG4, SG21, SG33. Now tell me he didn’t deserve VA, especially compared with at least 3 of the VA’s. I know he is an Ursus son, but that should not have been a negative for him.
V6 Yimmy van Contra –from a top Hungarian kennel, which has especially superb females. This excellent male is the best Larus son without a doubt, and stood out as such. I studied him very closely at the progeny gatherings on the Saturday morning. A male who I will predict will give all what his father was expected to give, but didn’t. A male that breeders should consider using. He should make his VA title, and for me he is the natural successor of the Larus line.



V14 Solo vom Team Fiemereck – an excellent son of Nero vom Nobachtal, he is getting well used in Germany.



V16 Campino von der Piste Trophe – another excellent son of Nero vom Nobachtal, Campino is also getting well used, I am confident both these males will successfully continue the VA Nero vom Nobachtal line.

In the working female class there were 12 VA’s
Siegerin Tabata du Val d’Anzin – a French bred female who was VA2 last year, and fully justifying her title this year. A big powerful female with a very good head and expression, harmonious conformation, superb overline and angulations. Her performance throughout was exemplary.
VA2 Cristal della Vallee dei Rovi – An excellent female whose performance towards the end was somewhat lacking.



VA3 Oprah di Fossombrone – a favourite of mine, having seen her as a puppy when I used her father Sieger Bax von der Luisenstrasse myself. I was so impressed with her that I predicted she would go all the way to the top. This female deserves to become a Siegerin, hopefully next year.
VA4 Hasel vom Streek – she made a big jump from last year when she was SG24 in the Jugend female class. I was not overly impressed.



VA5 Anta vom Ben Harten – A favourite of mine, who in my opinion deserved VA in 2003. She came back and again looked and performed magnificently. I felt Anta fully deserved to be in the first two in this class, by her outstanding conformation and fabulous performance. A superb female.
VA6 Wafa di Casa Cacozza – last years Youth Siegerin, and fully deserving her VA title this year, a daughter of the top producer VA Marko della Valcuvia, she must surely be a contender next year for the Siegerin title.
The remaining VA females were all excellent females and deserved their VA grades. You will notice their interesting sires and dams in my main results.

I must say that I was very impressed with the judging of this class by Rudiger Mai, a well known and deservedly well respected SV judge. The quality of this class was very high, and many V females could have been considered for VA titles, hopefully several of them will return and succeed next year.


photo by John Ward

In the Junghund (Yearling) Male Class, the excellent Junghund Sieger Odin vom Holtkamper Hof, a Yak vom Frankengold son, was of imposing stature and excellent conformation. To me he was the easy winner of this class. Odin, who has an excellent motherline, comes from a Kennel noted for its top producing bloodlines and its top producing females, the foundation of any successful Kennel.
SG2 Yenno vom Huhnegrab - is an excellent Larus son, for me not as good as Yimmy van Contra. Yenno was certainly no real threat to the winner Odin. Interestingly his sister Yonna was SG2 in the yearling female class.
SG5 Aron della Terra dei Forti –an excellent Mack vom Aducht son of correct size, who is a different type to his father, his conformation and type is excellent. This super moving young male went on to make Junghund Sieger in Italy some weeks later.
Of the remainder, I was impressed with the SG7 Tor di Casa Nobili, a Marko della Valcuvia son, the SG11 Nando della Valcuvia, a Wallace son from a VA mother who was renowned for her superb movement. Nando is a very athletic male. The SG25 Ingodds Aggassi, a Ghandi son who is a powerful male with a strong head and excellent colour, which enhances his excellent conformation. For me Agassi is the best Ghandi son I have seen, and he could have been placed much higher. Agassi also has the benefit of a motherline of Norwegian Champions, who I am informed contains several top producers. Ingodds Agassi is a Norwegian bred and owned male, based in Germany, and I feel sure he will be a top producer continuing the VA Ghandi von Arlett line.



The Junghund (Yearling) Female Class – the Junghund Siegerin Ania vom Agilofinger, a Dux della Valvuvia daughter of impressive type and conformation, with the expected very good movement associated with her sire’s progeny. Ania was a worthy winner. SG2 Yonna vom Huhnegrab, sister to the Junghund male SG2 Yenno vom Huhnegrab, and her sister Yilla vom Huhnegrab was SG21 in this class. This excellent litter, sired by Sieger Larus von Batu out of the excellent producing female VA Betty vom Huhnegrab, makes a very impressive trio out of one litter. SG3 Hasel vom Osterberger-Land, bred by a very successful kennel with a significant number of top GSD. Hasel is another very beautiful female with all the qualities of an excellent producer. The Whisky daughter Quirina vom Bierstadter Hof was SG4, a female bred by Rudiger Mai, and very worthy of her high placing. Others of note in this class were SG8 Tea di Casa Nobili, sister to the Junghund male SG7 Tor di Casa Nobili. SG11 Yasmin vom Nieuwlandshof, an excellent female from this well known kennel, now based in Germany, previously based in Holland,


photo by Wendy Stephens

and SG12 Vally von Aurelius, a very beautiful Ghandi daughter.



The Jugend (Junior) Male class, which I spent most of my time watching, was for me a truly vintage class. The Young Sieger Vegas du Haut Mansard, who is French bred, but owned by Winfried Benitz the owner of VA Pakros d’Ulmental - his sire. He is based in Germany in the Munich area. Vegas is for me an exciting male, the absolute star of this years Sieger show. It will be worth getting this years Sieger show DVD or Video just to see him again and again or for the first time if you were not at the Show. This male must surely go all the way to the top, and become a top class producer. His mother is a French female Rangoon du Haut Mansard and she has SchH3 and Körung. Rangoon also attained the title of Vice Siegerin at the French Sieger show - two times, and she has produced a truly outstanding male in Vegas.

The SG2 Sony von der Neudenauer Holzsteige is another absolute top class male, who gave an exemplary performance. A son of VA Ando, he must surely be a producer.




Quantum is a super male who again I felt could have been a few places higher in this excellent  class. There were so many top class males in this class you just have to watch the Sieger Video or DVD to appreciate them all.



The Jugend (Junior) Female Class was somewhat emotional for Rhoda and I, because we would have loved to have fulfilled our plans for our beautiful female Videx Quella to compete in this class. We made the very difficult decision not to bring her because we felt she was not fit enough to stand the physical demands of her class, and we are always very careful not to put our dogs through shows for which they are not fully prepared. Rhoda and I require help in getting and keeping our dogs fit and trained; sadly we were let down in getting the help required for her to compete at this Sieger Show. Having looked at this class, and particularly the first 20 females, we felt, and several others agreed, that Quella could have comfortably made the first 10. Anyway she is our female and she will remain our female and there will be many more opportunities. We have thoroughly enjoyed her success in the UK and at the Belgian Sieger Show this year. We would also like to say we have been truly overwhelmed with the admiration of so many knowledgeable GSD folk for Videx Quella. It is so very true that a beautiful GSD brings pleasure to everyone who sees it.

I had better get back to the Jugend (Junior) female class, it was won by Vanta vom Hochstadter Wappen, a female that I did not consider was good enough for this important title; indeed I felt there were many more deserving females in the class.



The SG2 Chiara vom Steffen Haus is a lovely daughter of Zamp. The SG3 Hilvi vom Huhnegrab a VA Pakros daughter was very beautiful, and many others were females any kennel in the UK would be very proud to have bred and/or owned. The most notable and impressive aspect of this class was the success of the VA Zamp vom Thermodos progeny, 13 females in the top 50, a fact worth repeating.

At this point of my IMPRESSIONS I must mention a topic which came up in conversations throughout the Sieger Show, THE ASSISTED COLOURING OF SOME DOGS WITH DYES. It was clear that some dogs had been coloured in most, if not all classes. The gold, or brown markings of the dogs is where it was most obvious, but black saddles, and possibly the black fore-faces, were also considered to have been done on some dogs.

This is a serious matter and needs to be urgently addressed by the SV before it gets out of hand, otherwise the floodgates will inevitably open on this problem. When people seeing this done and also see it being an advantage to the dog, they will do the same. Some people laughed when they saw some dogs which had obviously been dyed, but this is no laughing matter. The other serious side of this behavior is when breeders use a male that has been coloured, thinking his colour is genuine, this can lead to a litter with colouring they did not want or anticipate.

I would have thought it was possible to take several samples of hair from say each of the top 20 dogs in each class, and others randomly, immediately the class has been judged. The samples can then be analysed and any found containing a prohibited substance, then the SV could decide that the dog concerned, forfeits his place at the Sieger Show, and what appropriate action is taken against the owner and/or halter. (a person who looks after and trains the dog)

I really enjoyed this Sieger Show, and I have given you my genuine impressions of it. I hope you found them interesting and maybe stimulating. I do not expect you to agree with me on every point I make, but I would hope you enjoyed reading what I saw and felt about the 2005 Sieger Show, and my excursions and expansions on several issues. Ulm is a great venue for this fantastic GSD World Sieger Show, and I look forward to returning there some day.

I now look forward to next years Sieger Show to be held in the Niederrheinstadion in the town of Oberhausen, near Essen, not far from Düsseldorf or Dortmund, a venue more easily accessible for most Brits. It is again a small town, so please book your Hotels very early if you do not want to be disappointed. I was very pleased to see Rose & Harry Emmett had once again organized their excellent Sieger Trip to this years Show, and hopefully they will again for next year and many years to come, it is very well supported and appreciated by all. I know from personal experience the atmosphere on their trips is fantastic. For those of you who have never been to a Sieger Show, or have not been for some years, make up your mind to go in 2006, the 1st to 3rd September. God willing I will see you there.

David Payne – Videx GSD

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